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Car tips & advice | 31.07.2014 - 08:59

Texting and Driving Facts: A New Lethal Killer on the Highways

New researches show that texting and driving kills, in fact, more than figures drawn from driving while under alcohol influence. According to edgarsnyder.com, 660,000 American drivers are on phones at any time during the day.


New researches show that texting and driving kills, in fact, more than figures drawn from driving while under alcohol influence. According to edgarsnyder.com, 660,000 American drivers are on phones at any time during the day. Hollowsboonen.com shows that 25% of the Australian road crashes result from texting from a mobile phone . More and more teens are dying from the road accidents caused by texting while driving.


How Texting while Driving Leads to Accidents


Texting behind the wheels is a potential danger to your life. It has been established that sending messages on the phone while driving impairs your actual reaction time when driving; it also impairs your ability to keep track of the lane position and speed. Driving while texting directly impacts how you judges and estimate the gaps in traffic. This is very dangerous, unsafe and risky; it places your life and the passengers’ lives in danger.


What you need to Know


The governments are keenly watching the trend, with the Australian government putting into law that driving with a handheld mobile phone is illegal and you can be charged with a law of the court. Recently, the Australian government started an initiative to send to all drivers text messages about the dangers of driving while texting. A 2014 survey, interrogating the Australian drivers about the effect of the government campaign revealed that 86.2% have stopped using the mobile devices while driving, with only 2.7% reporting using the mobile all the time, even while driving and another 11.1% saying they use their mobile phones only when they feel they are safe. (Source Hollowsboonen.com.au)

In the United States, driving while texting has risen to be a significant cause of accidents and deaths on the roads. Already four states have reported to be actively vouching for way forward to ban driving while texting. Studies have revealed that 46 percent of American drivers aged between 16 and 17 accept that they always text while driving ( http://www.textecution.com/fast_facts.php ). According to the reports by Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD), together with Liberty Mutual Insurance Group, the greatest distraction while driving is texting. Another alarming statistic by the same source reveals that more than 50 percent of American teens accept driving while reading and sending text messages. This puts texting in a high position when it comes to dangers on the roads. In 2013 alone, 1 trillion text messages were exchanged globally.


Here are texting and driving fast facts worth nothing:



1. In the year 2011, 23% of all the global collisions were related to cell phones, this means 1.3 million clashes in the same year

2. Your attention is taken away from the road for a minimum of 5 seconds, this means that if you are travelling at more than 55 mph you are likely to cover more than a football field length without looking at the road

3. Dialing the phone, listening, talking, or reaching for a device is 24 times more likely to make you cause an accident

4. 1 out of 5 drivers admit to surfing on the web while under the wheel

5. Teenagers who text messages while behind the wheels spend roughly not less than 10% of their driving time outside their lane

6. According to 2014 AT&T Teen Driver Survey, about 97% of all the teen drivers understand that texting while driving kills, 43% of them however still do it.

7. D.C, alongside other 43 states has laws in place prohibiting all drivers from texting while behind the wheels

8. 77% of all the teens agree that the adults warn them against texting while driving, yet the adults also engage in the practice

9. In general, 9/10 teens expect that a reply to an email or text should take about five minutes, these pressures them to give a reply while driving


Almost everybody text on their phones, not everybody drinks; more and more adults and teens are likely to get crushed originated from texting while driving. Lots are being done, government campaigns, social media like Facebook anti-texting and driving awareness, and lots of blogs. The parents too should take advantage of the Drivecam to monitor their teen who text and drive, take a teen-parent text-free driving pledge and other mobile apps for Android. Texting and driving statistics are real, it is time we put away the phones while on the wheels.

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