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Car tips & advice | 24.07.2014 - 19:11

Upgrades To Your Car That Will Save You Gas

With fuel prices that continue to rise, it’s no surprise that drivers are looking to do whatever they can to improve their overall gas millage.
Upgrades To Your Car That Will Save You Gas

While there are plenty of mobile apps and other programs that you can use to find the low gas prices in your area, another alternative is to make some changes to your car that will improve how far you are able to travel between filling up. Here are some upgrades that you can make to your car that will save you on gas, which could end up saving you a lot of money each month.


A New Air Filter

Changing the air filter in your car is something that is incredibly easy to do, yet many people fail to do it as often as they should. By changing out the air filter in your vehicle, the engine will be able to run more smoothly and effectively. The next time you change your air filter, look for one that is made from high-flow cotton gauze, rather than paper. While high-flow cotton gauze filters may be a bit more expensive than alternatives, they’ll pay for themselves in less than a year with the amount of money you’ll be saving on gas.


Fuel Filter

Another things to consider is the fuel filter that you have in your car. If not taken care of, your fuel filter can get backed up and clogged with dirt, rust, and particles from the fuel. By replacing the fuel filter, you can improve your gas millage with every tank.


Larger Exhaust System

Smaller exhaust systems are great for making your car go faster, but that doesn’t mean that they’ll help you with gas mileage. Instead, these smaller exhaust pipes constrict the flow of gas from the engine and they can cause internal issues that lead to using more gas and driving less miles per fill-up. 99 Truck Parts & Industrial Equipment Ltd, a company that specializes in truck repair in Surrey, suggests that changing your exhaust system for a larger one can drastically improve your cars performance and save you money on gas.


Gas Efficient Tires

Many people know that driving on tires that aren’t properly filled can result in poor performance for your vehicle. In addition, many tire manufacturers have taken this to the next level by developing eco-friendly and gas efficient tires. These tires counteract resistance when driving on the road, which means that you’ll get more miles with each tank of gas.


Many people rely on their cars for many of their daily tasks. Whether it’s getting to work, dropping the kids off at school, or going out for a night on the town, your car is vital for quickly doing these things. But in order to ensure that you aren’t wasting money at the pump, consider these upgrades that you can make to your car to save on gas.

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