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Tuning & styling | 15.07.2014 - 21:40

Novitec Rosso Ferrari 458 Speciale with Concave Wheels and New Body Work

The Ferrari 458 Speciale is the pinnacle of motoring in the 458 range. But, with the help of Novitec Rosso it gets even better thanks to new aerodynamics, concave wheels, and even more power.

It simply doesn’t get any better when it comes to driving performance in the Ferrari 458 range than the 458 Speciale. The supercar has been received very well in the marketplace when it was first unveiled as the 458 Italia and that popularity has helped Ferrari to expand the range with a Spider model. Their new 458 Speciale is the ultimate track focused, production spec model in the 458 lineup and features all sorts of advanced technology including that from Formula One racing to help make it even faster and better on the race track. Novitec Rosso had bigger plans in mind for the supercar and designed a full upgrade program for the supercar that includes everything that it needs to be faster like concave wheels, engine tuning, and new carbon fiber aerodynamics.


The mid-mounted naturally aspirated V-8 engine in the Ferrari 458 Speciale already has a small bumper in power right from the factory, but Novitec Rosso was able to squeeze out even more with their new upgrade program. The supercar was given a new ECU software tune that alters spark, fuel delivery, and other aspects to create even more power. The German tuning company also installed a full Inconel exhaust system that helps seal in heat and reduces weight by 15.5 lbs over the factory setup. In all, a total of 636 horsepower at 9,250 RPM and 422 lb-ft. of torque at 5,500 RPM is sent to each of the rear concave wheels. Top speed is also increased back to 205 mph over the stock model too.


The exterior of the Ferrari 458 Speciale was already set up for extreme performance on the track, especially with its active aerodynamics but Novitec Rosso decided to improve things just a tad. The front bumper was outfitted with a new blade and spoiler setup for extra downforce while new hood outlets help to dissipate heat generated behind the concave wheels by the braking system. A pair of side skirts run towards the rear where they are met by a carbon fiber spoiler, diffuser, and engine air intake setup. To finish things off, the taillights, side markers, and other lights were given a dark tint.


The final step was the new concave wheels and lowered suspension. The factory rim setup was replaced with a new set of forged concave wheels that measure 9.0 x 21 up front and 12.0 x 21 at the rear and wear Pirelli PZero tires for added performance. The handling gets better thanks to new sport springs and stabilizer bars. Overall the ride height is reduced by 30 mm for a better center of gravity and better handling dynamics.

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