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Tuning & styling | 15.07.2014 - 21:15

Previewing DMC’s Huracan LP 630-4 Upgrade Package with Forged Wheels

The Lamborghini Huracan is still one of the newest supercars on the market, but DMC Exotic Car Tuning is looking to turn some heads with their upcoming upgrade program. The new Huracan LP 630-4 is set to gain a new set of forged wheels, upgraded body work, and engine tuning.

The Lamborghini Gallardo is going to be a hard act to follow up for the Huracan. The Gallardo set records for sales figures and revenue for the Italian automaker and helped grow the company since it was first introduced. The end of the Gallardo’s run was a bit sad, but the future is bright with the Huracan and the new model looks to break those sales records achieved by its predecessor. The new supercar is still a rare sight due to its newness, but DMC Exotic Car Tuning in Germany is already previewing their next upgrade program for the supercar. The new package will have it all from carbon fiber aerodynamics, forged wheels, and engine tuning to make the car even more exciting to drive.


The exterior of the sharp but curvaceous Lamborghini Huracan gains some exciting new carbon fiber components. The front fascia is dominated by a pair of enlarged air intakes and a sharp central sword spoiler that helps to generate downforce. A subtle pair of side flics are positioned on either side of the bumper as well to optimize airflow. Both the front and rear forged wheels are connected by a set of side skirts that visually lower the supercar. The Hurcan also benefits from a few carbon fiber goodies at the rear axle. A large rear spoiler wing generates massive amounts of downforce while a new diffuser incorporates the new exhaust pipes and optimizes airflow.


The 5.2-liter engine has quite the job of moving all four forged wheels, but it’s more than up to the task. DMC will add in new ECU software tuning that optimizes a variety of parameters from fuel flow to ignition and air/fuel mixture. The engine will be capable of producing 630 horsepower and even more torque compared to its stock counterpart. The engine will also benefit from a lightweight Inconel exhaust system that sheds weight and has excellent heat insulation. The new exhaust system will unleash the full exhaust note and high revving sound of the new V-10 engine sitting behind the cabin of the supercar.


The wheels and chassis are also set to get a few upgrades. The factory rim setup will be replaced by a new set of five spoke, turbine style forged wheels with a 20-inch diameter for a new look. The factory suspension will be lowered thanks to a new set of sport springs that reduce ride height by approximately 20 mm.

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