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Car news | 11.01.2013 - 19:53

Renault Captur Sets a New Standard

History has shown that Renault has never stoped to explore new ideas and change the conventional perception of the automobile. New evidence is Captur, Renault's first urban crossover that is clearly in traffic.
Renault Captur On The Stage

With the new Clio IV, Captur is the next step in Renault's design-led offensive by Lauren Van den Acker.

"Renault Captur is a compact, unobtrusive crossover, which is maximally simple to use and carrying of a typical Renault genes" - said Benoit Bochart, director of the production program of the A / B segment.

Renault Captur Exterier

Capture carefully balanced and harmoniously flowing lines create expressive stance, while the rugged roots create a concept of the same name. All together, results in very dynamic appearance. The combination of compact size, high clearance from the ground, big wheels and body protectors, makes maximum comfortable everyday driving. Renault Captur will offer a number of options set according to individual preferences, and already comes standard with a two-tone exterior color, contrast and attractive roof and the rest of the body.

Renault Captur - Interior

Despite compact measurements (length 4.12 meters), Captur offers marked feeling of spaciousness. Its exclusive colorful cabin that offers a cozy atmosphere, and there are numerous options settings. Captur offers comfort worthy of large MPV, and quality as a high seating position, large trunk, modular interiors and more. Captur equipment level is significantly larger and offer something that has more expensive cars, like some of the elements of the hands-free entry, a hill and parking sensors. There is also an R-Link multimedia system with touch screen and Arkamys audio system.

Capture is placed on the platform of the new Clio IV, which sets new standards in the B segment, when it comes to driving pleasure. As such, the Captur offers superb driving dynamics. The gasoline and diesel engines, including the latest developments and Renault technology, with special attention paid to reducing consumption and emissions.

Renault Captur will be built at Valladolid in the Spanish, the official presentation and it will be organized at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2013th year. 

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