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Car tips & advice | 10.07.2014 - 23:37

Tips for Assessing Damage on a Vehicle After an Accident

Naturally, you hope to never be involved in an accident. If you are, however, follow these tips to stay safe and assess the damage your car has taken.

Accidents are always a risk when you drive a vehicle. When they do occur, you should try to remain as calm as possible and assess any damages. Obviously, the first priority is to make sure no people have been injured. The first thing to do after an accident, assuming that no one in your vehicle has been injured, is to get out of your car. Make sure that there is no smoke coming from any of the vehicles involved in the accident. If there is, you and everyone else on the scene should move to safe distance in the event of a fire or explosion.


Call the Authorities

If anyone on the scene needs medical attention, an ambulance should be called immediately. Even if there were no injuries, the authorities should be called after an accident. Avoid getting into an argument or debate with anyone. It’s best to only discuss the incident with police. You should exchange names, addresses, phone numbers and insurance information with the other driver. Do not, however, make any statements or accusations about the accident itself.


Take Pictures

It’s always a good idea to photograph your vehicle and any other vehicles that were involved in an accident. This establishes the extent of any damage that was done. It helps to prevent someone from making exaggerated claims of damage in the future.


Call Your Insurance Agent

The next step is to call your insurance agent. This should be done as soon after an accident as possible, no matter how minor the accident. Even if no obvious damage is visible on either vehicle, you never know what someone might claim later on. The sooner you make a claim, the sooner it will get processed.


Determine if it’s Safe to Drive Your Car

After you’ve spoken to the police and your insurance agent, you have to determine if you are able to drive away from the incident safely. If your vehicle has sustained any damage, you should call a tow truck and have it taken to a garage for servicing. Don’t attempt to drive a damaged vehicle. Not only is this unsafe, it could interfere with an insurance claim.


You naturally hope that you are never involved in an accident. If you are, however, it’s best to stay as calm as possible and handle everything in a rational manner. The main things to keep in mind are to talk reasonably to the authorities, call your insurance company and make sure your vehicle is safe to drive before leaving the scene.


Informational Credit to Tony Zuber & Paul Brioux

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