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Auto sport | 08.07.2014 - 08:02

Avoid Overheating During Those Summer Road Trips

It's nice to go on road trips with family or friends during summer. However, you should always bear in mind that the heat can give your ride a serious beating if you're not careful. Take note of the points in this article to avoid your campervan from overheating and ruining all the fun.

While the summertime is peak season for travellers, it can be dangerous if not deadly. The added heat can cause dehydration and heatstroke, especially if you are driving your own campervan or car. To help you beat the heat and enjoy your next road trip even more, here are five techniques you can use whether renting a vehicle or driving your own automobile.


1. Choose Tinted Windows


By far the biggest entry points for heat in any vehicle are the windows. Clear glass lets the sunshine stream in, causing rapid rises in temperature in no time at all. To avoid this, it’s best to drive a vehicle with tinted windows as this will block out a large portion of the incoming radiation. This can be done by:


Installing tinting on your own car’s windows

Choosing an RV that comes with tinted glass


If you decide to modify your automobile, make sure to check the legal guidelines in your region to ensure the level of tinting is permitted


2. Buy Manual Sunshades


If tinted glass isn’t possible, there is another, more affordable alternative available. Here, using a vehicle sunshade can reduce heat build-up by 30 degrees Celsius. If you can’t afford to install new tinting in your sedan or the campervans you’re looking at don’t have dark enough glass, this is an easier option that will at least keep you cool while on the road. The only issue is you’ll have the added task of putting them up and taking them down when you arrive and leave at each stop-off point.


3. Park in Shady Areas


This is where some smart parking comes into play. A simple way to avoid coming back to a sweltering hot vehicle is to park it in the shade. Opt for a space under some trees or a roof and you can keep your interiors cool while you are out. Of course, this won’t be possible every time but at least you’ll have your tinted windows or manual sunshades to keep your RV or hatchback comfortable here as well. When it comes to camper mieten from a German-speaking rental agency in the USA, always read the manual before you depart. In this way, you can see exactly what to do if some tree sap or bird droppings inadvertently fall on the vehicle while it is parked in the shade.


4. Never Drive on a Hot Seat


Remember that the summertime brings with it some additional dangers. For example if you get back to your vehicle and find that the seat is blazing hot, you should never depart until it is suitable to sit on again. If you’re sitting askew to avoid the heat, you won’t be seated in the right position and may not have full control of the vehicle. Rather, make your interiors cooler by:


Throwing a towel over the seat when you park

Open the windows and sunroof to let the hot air out

Turn on the air-con and direct the vents at the seat


With some smart moves, you can return the cabin of your car or campervan to normal temperatures in no time at all.


5. Take Care of Your Kids & Pets


It can sometimes be tempting to leave your son, daughter or dog in the car while you pop out. Never do this though since 25 US children per year die in hot vehicles! Instead, it’s best to always take them with you regardless of where you’re going. Remember that this mistake can be fatal even if you leave the windows down as the summer heat can be quite high. While it might be more inconvenient to take your son or daughter with you, their wellbeing will be worth it! If you’re travelling with another adult, you can also leave your kids and pets under constant supervision at the car or motorhome while you run your errands.


By following this advice, you can then hit the road during the summer months without having to worry about the heat. Enjoy your next travel adventure while keeping safe and comfortable regardless of how high the temperatures are outside. Sweltering heat shouldn’t get in the way of you exploring your nation’s highways and side streets after all!

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