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Car tips & advice | 02.07.2014 - 23:05

The Four Things You Should Never Do After Getting in a Wreck

Don't allow the stress of a wreck to cloud your judgment. If you are involved in a car accident, remember to avoid doing these four things.

There is no denying the fact that a car crash can be a very scary experience. However, it is important for you to keep your composure during the time immediately following an automotive accident. Improper handling of the situation will only add to your stress levels, which could result in you making rash and potentially dangerous decisions. Here are four things that you should never do after getting into a wreck.


Never Engage in an Argument or Fight.


In the moments immediately following a wreck, it is not uncommon for a driver to get upset. After gathering your thoughts, take time to analyze the entire situation. If another driver is involved in the wreck, never make the mistake of lashing out at them. Although your anger may be understandable, engaging in an argument will only make things worse. The best approach is to remain cool until a police officer arrives to the scene.


Avoid Making any Deals


In a perfect world, every person would be honest and trustworthy. Unfortunately, there are some people who prey on the kindness of others. If another driver offers to make a deal with you, politely decline their proposal. You should always make it a priority to contact your car insurance provider. Repairing a damaged vehicle can cost a lot of money, so you always want to take all of the necessary precautions. Furthermore, you may have suffered an injury during the wreck—if so, few proposed deals will cover the potential medical bills.


Do not Flee the Scene.


It is not out of the norm to become dazed and confused after a wreck. However, do not ever attempt to flee the scene of a car accident. Regardless of who is at fault, you need to stick around until the crash is properly documented by the police. Not only will leaving the scene forfeit your eligibility for an insurance claim, but you may also be facing some serious legal trouble.


Do not Refuse Medical Attention.


A very minor fender-bender typically does not result in any serious injuries. On the other hand, a car accident which causes significant damage increases the likelihood of traumatic injury. Any stressful experience, especially a wreck, causes a person’s adrenaline levels to spike, which can temporarily mask pain. Due to the fact that you only have a limited amount of time to file a claim, you should never postpone medical attention.


Do not allow the stress of a wreck to cloud your judgment. If you are involved in a car accident, remember to avoid doing these four things.


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