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Car tips & advice | 30.06.2014 - 20:03

Taking a Roadtrip? Five Vehicle Maintenance Skills To Learn Before You Go

Brush up on necessary maintenance skills, before a long drive turns into a failed adventure.

A road trip, whether with friends or family, is an exciting alternative to flying to a vacation destination. Hitting the road must be done with certain precautions, especially when it comes to the condition of the vehicle. Brush up on necessary maintenance skills before a long drive turns into a time-consuming, frustrating trip.


Check and Replace Coolant


It is important to be able to locate the radiator cap for making the coolant level does not drop too low.  This is likely to happen during a road trip, as the vehicle is used more frequently than it is during a typical week. Keep water or coolant stored inside the trunk to get back on the road quickly if overheating occurs.


Learn How To Change A Tire


Perfect pressure and adequate tread does not ensure that a tire is free from risk of damage. Glass, metal, and other debris can puncture a tire and require changing. This is simple to do without wasting time calling a mechanic or asking another motorist for assistance. Learn how from online tutorials or a savvy friend and practice several times before hitting the road.


Monitor Oil Level and Which Type To Use


Any extended trip can be rough on your car’s engine, so never set out for an extended drive without checking the oil level. Keep a note of the specific oil type the car requires instead of leaving it up to chance.


Jump-Starting The Battery


Accidentally leaving headlights or an internal light on overnight can drain the car battery too low to start the engine. Jumper cables are a trunk necessity, but they are useless if you and your passengers don’t know how to use them. Keep a diagram in your vehicle at all times depicting how to properly connect the cables so you won’t be left stranded with a dead battery.


Identifying Warning Lights


Lights in the dashboard are set to come on as a warning that specific repairs are needed. It is also important to know exactly how to handle each situation, including any potential visit to a mechanic, if necessary.


There are a lot of instances in a road trip when traveling off the beaten path is necessary. A smart motorist should have their vehicle completely tuned up before heading out of the city and be knowledgeable in these basic maintenance skills. Feeling confident in your mechanical ability will lend you the peace of mind necessary to relax and enjoy a long road trip.


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