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Car design | 09.01.2013 - 19:56

Alfa Again Becomes Masculine

Currently Alfa Romeo produced only two small, low-cost, compact hatchback that its fashionable appearance attract buyers mainly ladies.
Masculine Machine by Alfa Romeo

Once a virile Italian company intends to regain their former glory by launching the 4C sports car whose premiere is planned for this year, to be followed by a new Spider model developed in parallel with the new Mazda MX-5.

Unsurprisingly, the impatience of many fans of their favorite brand models expects spectacular looks and superior performance that will work flawlessly for more than a few years. If he succeeds, the Alfa Romeo could again work like testosterone beasts who will overawe the roads.

On the Internet have recently published a computer simulation of two-door GT model called 6C. His design for the deserving certain George M. and J. Florian, and is inspired by models from Alfa past, and the new lines 4C. It goes without saying that such a car would be an ideal addition to the Italian manufacturer, especially when he is equipped with perfect 3.0-liter V6 engine.

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