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Sell a car | 25.06.2014 - 05:37

Tips for Selling a High Mileage Car

Selling a car is more than just putting out an advert and waiting for interested buyers to give you a call. This is all the more true when you're selling a vehicle with high mileage.
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When buyers are looking to choose a new car, there are often certain criteria that they look for from the make and model, to the colour, and many people are selective about the mileage on their new vehicle. The average mileage on a used car is usually 10,000 miles for each year of the vehicles life, and so any more than this can be off-putting to potential buyers. However, there are ways to get people interested in a high mileage car, and here are a few tips to get the best price.


Set a realistic price


Although the car may be your pride and joy, perfectly maintained, and looking like new, a high mileage will often call for a discount to draw in the buyers. There are guides available for how to price a used car, but often the best thing to do is look at similar cars in the local area and make sure your price is competitive. 


Take into account things such as:


  • Scratches and dents
  • Any rust patches
  • The condition of your tyres
  • The length of MOT and tax left
  • How well the car handles


This will help you to come up with a realistic price, and you can then decide what your absolute bottom line is if buyers try to negotiate, allowing you to sell quickly.


Get it serviced


You may have noticed that your car handles better after a good servicing, and so investing in an oil change, tyre rotation, and general tune up can make test drives so much smoother. This allows people to see the best side of your car, and to see that despite its high mileage there's still plenty of life in the vehicle.


Invest in a cleaning


It's important to make the best first impression when you are selling your car. Buyers will have seen your listing online or in the press, and therefore be interested in the car in general, but it's essential that you give the right impression when it comes to the viewing.


Take your car for a full valet and you can enjoy a thorough service with wheel trims and tyres cleaned, and even the glass sparkling. If you have neglected the interior of your vehicle or have had careless passengers such as children or dogs then a full upholstery clean will get rid of any dodgy stains or smells, allowing buyers to enjoy their test drive. You could even look for new floor mats and other accessories to add that new car feeling.


See a broker


There are many brokers around who will buy cars regardless of their condition or mileage, and these can be ideal for very high mileage vehicles that you just can't sell. The convenience of this service means that you might have to accept a lower price, but this frees you from having to pay to list your car and deal with time wasters, so many people find this very helpful.


Play up the car's quality


With people using their cars so much more often, it's getting more common to see higher mileage cars on the market. The average age of a car on the road is 11 years, and when you factor in commuting, family trips, and endless small runs, this soon adds up. However, car manufacturers are taking this extra wear and tear into account, and therefore modern cars are designed to run way beyond the 100k mark. You can therefore reassure buyers that there's plenty of life left in the car, and that they are getting a good deal.


Another thing that can attract buyers is the lower insurance costs that can be associated with older, less valuable cars, and if you do some research or show them your premiums, then this can be an attractive prospect to higher risk groups who have to usually endure more expensive insurance.


If you have taken care of your car then it will no doubt have plenty to offer a potential buyer, even with a high mileage, and it's your job to show the advantages of the car outweigh the number on the dashboard. By getting your car in top shape and offering a competitive price, you will get a lot more interest, allowing you to sell it easier and have the money in your pocket for a new vehicle. 


Author:  A friend named Jason is a freelance writer for The Car Buying Group, a reliable company based in the UK that serves those who are looking to sell their vehicles as easy and quick as possible. More information can be found on their website www.thecarbuyinggroup.co.uk.

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