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Buying a car | 24.06.2014 - 07:47

What should I choose- a Big or a Small Kia

When buying a new Kia most customers are undecided as to whether they should opt for a small or bigger model.
Kia Pro-Ceed GT


When buying a new Kia most customers are undecided as to whether they should opt for a small or bigger model. It’s to be noted that each of them has certain advantages, with the first one being more adapted to conglomerated city streets while the latter one is more suitable for the outdoor terrain and those who have to do a lot of travelling. Safety is not a big issue when speaking about Kia cars, as most of them benefit from a 5-star NCAP rating. With this in mind, here are the advantages and disadvantages of each car type.


Advantages of a Small Kia


- Better for city use since its size enables anyone to get past through traffic more easily.

- Fuel consumption is generally lower, hence helping individuals and families to achieve savings on the long-term. This is especially important considering the increased fuel price nowadays.

- Maintenance costs are lower when compared to a large Kia since building parts are fewer and the car is built for thorough everyday use.

- Suitable for fewer passengers. For instance, the Kia Pro-Ceed GT provides the ideal comfort for 2 passengers while the Kia Rio Reborn works great for up to 4 passengers at a time.



Kia Pro-Ceed GT


Kia Rio Reborn


- It is cheaper than a larger car while being highly suitable for on-road drives.


Disadvantages of a Small Kia


- Doesn’t have the person or luggage capacity of that of a larger model.

- Unsuitable for off-road drives or for people who travel a lot abroad.

- Comes with less features and enhancements when compared to a big model.



Advantages of a Big Kia


- Suitable for all types of terrains, including the winding city streets, enticing country roads or adrenaline-filled highways.

- Better spaced car, ideal for long drives.

- Can fit as many as 5 persons at a time when speaking about models such as Kia Sportage 2 or Kia Grand Carnival.




Kia Sportage 2


Kia Grand Carnival


- More space for luggage, which gives passengers the freedom of transporting their favorite stuff along. For instance, the Kia Grand Carnival comes complete with a folding rear bench which can turn it into a 2-seater. This provides the necessary volume for a huge load of baggage or for bicycle/small motion vehicle transportation.

- Catches all looks on the road and imposes respect. At the same time, it contains a larger number of features and add-ons by default.

- Better durability over time.


Disadvantages of a Big Kia


- Maintenance costs may be higher, especially when it is used extensively.

- May lead to higher functioning costs when the fuel (petrol) variant is chosen in the detriment of the Diesel one.

- Not suitable for those who travel rarely or go abroad on their own.

- It is also more expensive than a smaller model, but costs can pay themselves on the long-term.

With these aspects in mind, it’s up to everyone’s choice whether they opt for a small or a big Kia. Each model comes with a 5-year warranty when purchased as new, regardless of its size. However, those who travel inside the city most of the time and don’t have a large family might be better off choosing a smaller Kia. The other ones should orient themselves toward booking a test drive with a big Kia.

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