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Car tips & advice | 11.06.2014 - 15:10

The importance of car tyre pressure

Information as to why your cars tyre pressure is an important factor.

The tyre pressure on your car is a lot bigger factor than what people would expect. Not having the right tyre pressure can have a huge impact on your cars performance and also cause problems that will result in your car needing repairs. Tyre pressure is something that needs to be checked a lot more regularly than what people currently do. By not having the required pressure in your tyres will cause your car to fail its MOT test when you come to take it to your local Wymondham MOT centre. Below are some key points to why it is important to ensure your cars tyre pressure is at the right levels.


Car Performance
Cars have a required tyre pressure level as they are they are the optimum levels for your car to be running at its best. Dropping below these levels will require the car to have less grip on the road as the tyres are not at the best level to get the best grip. This lack of grip will cause the car to be less responsive which means the handling of the car will be worse. A less responsive car can be very dangerous as you cannot react in time to avoid an accident.


These problems will mean the car has to work harder than usual which costs money, the higher workload will have a damaging effect on the fuel consumption. You will burn through fuel quicker not having the right tyre pressure so the longer you leave it the more money it is going to cost you.


Creates Other Problems
As your car will be performing a lot worse due to the low tyre pressure it will have to work harder to compensate, this compensation leads to wear and tear in other areas. Due to the increased wear and tear you will begin to get problems with other cars parts. These parts may be small and not noticeable but when you come to take your car for an MOT you will have a long list of problems and all because you have been driving below the required tyre pressure levels. You will wear through your tyres a lot quicker as they will be working harder due to them being less inflated. One tyre may even be deflated more than another so you will get uneven wear and tear on them which will result in them needing to be replaced quicker.


By simply checking your car tyre pressure on a monthly basis and making sure they are at the right levels will help your car run better and for longer. You prolong the life of many parts of your car and it will help you to avoid problems. Cars don’t have to cost a fortune, as long as you don’t neglect them and put a little time and effort into maintaining them you can save money and avoid repair work.

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