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Motor shows | 03.06.2014 - 12:56

Mot Testing Centre And Its Significance

The vehicles running on the road must be perfect in all respects. They must possess the roadworthiness certificate issued by the concerned department of the state.

M.O.T., i.e. the Ministry of Transport is responsible for passing the vehicles in terms of their fitness to move on the roads. Any vehicle having crossed three years of its age must have been cleared under the MOT scheme that is meant to ensure that it is maintained in an orderly manner. Such test is usually carried out at the MOT Testing Centre that is authorized to issue the certificate highlighting that the vehicle is authorized to move on the road as it complies with the requisite conditions as per the transport laws. It may be noted that the test certificate issued by the MOT Testing Centre pertains to the existing condition of the vehicle in respect of its certain parts at the time of the test. It is neither any concrete proof of the vehicle’s condition at any other time nor can be considered as the evidence of its other usual mechanical conditions.

Important points for the MOT Test -

a.     The vehicle is required to undergo the test at the MOT Testing Centre when it is three years old. Certain amount of fee is charged from the owners of the vehicles that are required to be tested by the MOT Testing Centre with regard to fitness.


b.    It is quite possible that the vehicle may not be able to clear the test and the failure leads to issuance of VT30 Certificate wherein the particular reasons of the relevant items would be mentioned for the same. Necessary rectifications must be got carried out to clear the test and special services in terms of welding or emissions etc should also be got done in time. The vehicle that is to be retested can be brought to the testing centre at any time that suits the owner.


c.     A short time period of approx forty five minutes is required for completion of the MOT Test at the concerned centre.


d.    There is nothing like any reminder by the MOT Testing centre to notify you about the test. The entire responsibility is yours.


e.     Validity of the MOT Test is twelve months from the date when it is carried out. However, the next test can be got done even before expiry of one year.


f.      In the event of loss of the MOT Certificate, the owner of the vehicle can get a duplicate one by asking the concerned centre for the same by paying the small fee. You can tell the centre the approx date of the test and the duplicate certificate will be in your hands. In case you forgot the test date, approach the Vehicle Inspectorate that would help you.


g.     Any car registered with the M.O.T. must pass the emissions and mechanical tests through the MOT Testing Centre at the end of three years. Consequent tests are carried out each year for the imported and other vehicles.


h.    The MOT Testing Centres not only check the vehicles for roadworthiness but also for road safety and environmental standards too.


i.       The MOT tests are carried out in respect of certain parts of the vehicles that are most important for its fitness and roadworthiness for proper movement on the roads.


j.       Only the authorized garages are competent to conduct the MOT Tests at their MOT Testing Centres that are allowed by the Vehicle Inspectorate that identifies them by the blue or 3 triangle MOT Signs.


k.    The MOT Test Certificate must be got updated failing which the owner of the vehicle fails to validate the insurance if he or she needs to make a claim for the same.


l.       Known as Nominated Testers or MOT Testers are the people that are authorized to check the vehicle for the test and authorize the computer entry through the smart card. They check certain parts of the vehicle as per the MOT Inspection Manual, known as the Tester’s Manual.


m.  Any item not conforming to the manual may result in failure of the test and the Reason for Rejection must be noted down in the test report.


n.    No Tester can dismantle any item during the MOT Test.

Candidly, the MOT Testing Centres render valuable service for the vehicles that must be brought to them at the end of three years after purchasing the same. The process must be continued each ear thereafter to obtain the roadworthiness standards from the department.

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