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Car design | 29.05.2014 - 13:11

Cheap cars can still be fun and functional

One good thing that has come out of the global recession is the raft of cheap cars created for the changing market.

One good thing that has come out of the global recession is the raft of cheap cars created for the changing market. Most drivers simply could not afford to buy new cars due to their steep depreciation and manufacturers decided to do something about it. This bought about inexpensive small cars that offer everything in one affordable package. The government decided to help out with the Scrappage Scheme offering money off budget new cars, which helped the market grow even further. Now budget cars are selling well, but you no longer have to sacrifice your dreams to have one as basic motoring is better than ever and here are the best models:

Suzuki Alto

Suzuki is making a niche for itself amongst the Japanese car making elite by delivering all the credentials expected of the country’s cars, but also a level of fun that is not always so prominent in budget models. It is Britain’s fifth cheapest car, but even when you are looking for the best value the Alto’s charms are well worth considering; especially on the deals at Lifestyle Europe. The Alto offers a sparklingly fun drive and enviable build quality, however unsurprisingly it does lack the refinement of the more expensive in the class.


The Sandero has the best unique selling point by being the cheapest new cars that money can buy on British shores. Obviously, the penalty for this value is the severe lack of technology that the Dacia delivers. Renault’s budget brand implores you to “do the maths” when considering a Dacia and you can afford to look twice. For less than six thousand pounds you do get wheels and doors, but also a reasonable drive and among the most space that you will find in a small car. That is not a bad for a new car and even leaves you with enough change from £10,000 to have the family holiday of a lifetime.

Fiat Panda

When paying little for a new car you have certain preconceptions about the car that you are going to drive home. The Panda banishes of all these thoughts of unlovable Euroboxes that don’t have an ounce of charm in their soul to the annals of history. Fiat’s spacious, high-riding and sparkling small car is exceptional value for money and fun to boot. Its small engines are perky enough around town and for such a high-riding vehicle it won’t fall over in the corners either. It has a personality and practicality that ensures it remains when of the best small cars in the market.

You can truly have your cake and eat it in the motoring world with some of the cheap small cars available today.

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