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Launch bst 460 manual BST-460 Battery Tester anleitung

Today china auto diagnostic obd centre will share you how to use Launch BST-460 Battery Tester.
Launch X431 BST-460 Battery Tester
Launch X431 BST-460 Battery Tester is launch company car battery test tool.

Launch BST-460 Battery Tester is car battery Tester produced by Launch company. Launch BST-460 can meet the requirements of general users. Today china auto diagnostic obd centre will share you how to use Launch BST-460 Battery Tester.

Launch X431 BST-460 Battery Tester BST 460 Car Battery Test Tool

Launch X431 BST-460 Battery Tester

How to use Launch BST-460 Battery Tester?

After entering battery test program, launch BST460 tester will display the tester model and version approx. The tester will display the following contents in a sequence, select the desired items accordingly.

Step 1. Press UP/DOWN key to select the battery location, in-vehicle or out-of-vehicle, then press OK key to confirm. IN-VEHICLE means the battery is connected with vehicle engine or vehicle electrical appliance. When the tester detects surface charge, a prompt message “SURFACE CHARGE DETECTED, TURN LIGHTS ON” will appear on the screen. Follow the instructions to turn lights on to eliminate battery surface charge, the tester will then display the following messages in a sequence: ” HEADLIGHTS ON” “ TURN LIGHTS OFF” Now the tester detects the surface charge has been eliminated, turn lights off as prompted, then press OK key. launch bst 460 tester will recover automatic test.

OUT-OF-VEHICLE means battery is not connected with any of the vehicle load, namely, battery connection is cut off.

Step 2. After selecting the battery location, the tester will prompt to select the battery charge status, i.e. Before Charging or After Charging. Press UP/DOWN key to select, then press OK key to confirm. In this way, it ensures a more accurate result.

Step 3. After the battery charge status is chosen, the tester will enter battery type selection interface: Regular Flooded, AGM Flat Plate, AGM Spiral or Gel battery. Press UP/DOWN key to select, and press OK key to confirm. When it’s IN-VEHICLE test, battery installation type shall also be selected, e.g. TOP POST, SIDE POST or REMOTE (This selection does not apply to OUT-OF-VEHICLE), then press OK key to confirm. REMOTE is applicable to some in-vehicle battery which is too tightly installed to use the test clamps to connect the battery poles.

Step 4. Launch BST-460 battery tester will test each battery according to the elected system and rating. Use UP/DOWN key to select according to the actual system standard and rating marked on the battery. Input correct test standard and rating, press OK key, the tester starts to test. It takes around 3 seconds to display the battery test result.


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