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Tuning & styling | 28.05.2014 - 03:31


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New Auto CDP plus for cars trucks generic

As AUTOCOM CDP+ has increasingly been favored by our customer,  different version of AUTOCOM CDP+ is showing in the market. Different version of AUTOCOM CDP+ hardware is based on quality (components, soldering, tests, bt, oki chip...).

New Auto CDP plus for cars trucks generic CDP+ Car Diagnostic


Old version AUTOCOM CDP PRO have two version, with or without oki chip which supports ford and bmw diagnosis. With bluetooth AUTOCOM CDP PRO  come with one software support for cars and  trucks.


New version AUTOCOM CDP+ come with 4 led multicolor indicators. AUTOCOM CDP+ has speaker  version and no speaker  version.  software of CDP+ is 3 in , works for cars, for trucks and generic (obd2). In addition, CDP+ come with tf card slot to enlarge the storage and increase the running velocity.


CDP+ is more advanced than CDP pro and firmware updates only takes 30-40 sec. But If you wanna use CDP+, fast laptop Intel 2Ghz and above are suggested. Older Celeron laptop are not enough to support high capacity AUTOCOM CDP+ .

The two good-quality AUTOCOM CDP+ are 80 usd. I really do think this price is too good to believe. But when some customer see those CDP+ for 60 usd, they are in a hurry to pay.  It is not a good choice, actually. There are cheap clone devces exinsting in the market, but there are too cheap to make a good quality. when you buy this cheap product, you will get yourself in lot of trouble. it was not working; it can't  be activated; or it may be broken after first use. Commonly, Cheap Autocom always lost in trouble when update Firmware. All this probles make you suffer.


Therefore, it is strongly suggested that spend 20-30 usd more free you of trouble. In some way, it is saving, saving your energy and cost.


This is edited by obddiagnosticcenter.com. If you have any question or suggestion on it, plz feel free to contact us --China OBD Diagnostic Center –provide top quality of Auto Diagnostic Tool.


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