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Car news | 02.01.2013 - 19:26

Clio RS Ready For Market

This time we bring you a few photos of Clio RS200 that occurred in the parking lot the Renault Sport factory in Dieppe, where we can see that the production of this sporty model is already largely begun.
Renault Clio RS 200


Unlike previously published photos of this prefabricated reveal Clio RS200 in a natural setting, where, and under daylight and at no charge image, processing reveals its sporty details. Clio RS200 will differ from ordinary wheels of 17 or 18 inches, a large diffuser in the rear bumper with dual exhaust pipes and front bumper to its opening for the air link with the real Formula 1 car. Like every time, and this Renault Clio Sport has received a special color palette, which cannot be obtained in plain Clio, and there are especially prominent yellow and fiery red.

How It Started
The story of the French sports car that was developed based on a common Town Car began in 1976th when the former factory Alpine sports car in collaboration with Renault. Renault 5 and processed market offered one of the first "hot-hatch" in history. Renault 5 Alpine then the 1.4-liter engines received 93 hp, which was more than double the normal Renault 5th. A little later in the 1985th year, comes the second-generation Renault 5, and with it the famous Renault 5 GT Turbo, which is also the 1.4-liter turbo engine now received 120 hp why the excellent driveability walked among the best small sports cars ever made. We should not forget the radical version of the Renault 5 Turbo and Turbo 2, which had a centrally located engine, rear-drive, radically altered and expanded body, and performance of super sport car at the time.

Renault Clio Generations

After he replaced the Renault Clio 5  habit of creating outstanding sports model stay same, on the contrary, has been further improved. First generation Clio got so sporty version of the rather unimaginative name of 16V or 16S, which had a 1.8-liter petrol engine of 136 hp. Although this model is a very popular and praised Renault, specifically, but then Renault Sport department goes a step further and puts Clio 2.0-liter engine of 150 hp and Williams added his name to honor the success of this team in Formula 1 Even then, Clio has gained a well-deserved fame as one of the best "driver" cars ever.
With the second generation Clio Renault Sport department has perfected the 2.0-liter engine, and the first Clio, which was officially bear the name of Renault Sport had 172 hp, but several versions. So after the first redesign retained 172 hp, while the subsequent training strengthened to 182 hp, and is offered in several versions, such as Cup, Trophy, Ragnotti and similar.
In the third generation Clio RS F4R evolution of the two-liter engine brought to full potential. The first phase was making 197 hp, and after the redesign got 200 hp. Third generation Clio RS is significantly increased compared to the second generation Clio and is still praised its excellent  "lying" but even better feeling behind the wheel, and great Brembo brakes.

Renault Sport

It is the fourth generation Clio made a significant turnaround. This time Clio is offered exclusively in the five-door version, but it was a detail that many of the fans of this French sportsman hair stand up. Even bigger news is a brand new engine. Further development and improvement of  two-liter engine with 200 horsepower was no longer cost-effective nor easy, and gave way to a more modern 1.6-liter that produces turbo gasoline also "incredible" 200 hp. However, two important advantages of this engine according to the torque of 234 Nm, which is for non-small 26 Nm more than its predecessor, and has also reduced fuel consumption and emissions of harmful gases.
Perhaps the most radical innovation in the new Clio RS200 is the gearbox, which is a manual 6-degrees that gave way to EDC automatic transmission with 6-gear. Of course, this is not about classical Control, but a dual-clutch gearbox, which works on the principle that has long been celebrated Volkswagen's DSG. Also, fans of this model, especially in its third generation, has not liked the fact that the new Clio RS comes without the powerful Brembo brakes. True, discs and calipers, and the photos look great and powerful, so we can assume that the "bite" as convincingly as the four-piston Brembo calipers.

How much are these radical changes changed, improved or corrupted Clio RS remains to be seen, and the first specimens were evidently already prepared for delivery and promotion, and the first feedback probably will not wait long.
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