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Car tips & advice | 27.05.2014 - 05:06

Enjoying Campervan Trips in the Summer Months

Are you planning ahead for a fun-filled campervan trip in the coming summer months? If so, there are many things to consider -- including choosing the right motorhome! Check out this article to learn the essentials for a truly amazing road trip.
Enjoying Campervan Trip

Going on campervan trips during the summer months are a great way to get away from it all, taking in the open road and generally feeling like you haven’t a care in the world as you glide down highways taking in the sights all around you.


Summer, however, creates a climate that isn’t ideal for campervan holidays if you haven’t already gone to the effort to ensure the motorhome you hire is well-designed to help you travel in luxury. For this reason, enjoying campervan trips in the summer months requires you to consider several points ahead of hiring the perfect vehicle for your trip; as it’s this due diligence that will make the difference between having a great, or sub-standard holiday.


A wide open road


Whether you want to travel between cities, taking advantage of free things to do in each, or you simply want to spend the majority of your days on the road, your enjoyment of your motorhome trip will be significantly increased when you consider the following:


Understand that Air Conditioning is Essential


Although this is far from the case during the cooler months, during summer it’s essential that you hire a camper with air conditioning as standard, and it’s even more important that you try the air conditioning before you drive out of the hire centre, as you don’t want to discover it’s faulty at just the wrong time.


You should also make sure you spend a good deal of time looking online at every option available to you before settling on one. When you do eventually find a company offering campervan hire across Australia that can provide you with a van that has good-quality air conditioning, make sure you contact them immediately to arrange to have the motorhome put aside for the dates of your trip.


Look for Large Sleeping Areas


If you’re going to be out on the open road during the height of summer it helps to have large sleeping areas for two reasons:


  1. You and your partner will have more space when sleeping at night, meaning you won’t be kept awake by the heat during humid nights.
  2. You’ll have adequate space to take a nap during the time when the sun’s at its highest point in the sky. Some days, of course, you’re going to find yourself driving during this time, but more often than not you’re going to want to take this time to nap, as the sun will make any outdoor activities uncomfortable anyway.


You’ll Probably Want a Sizeable Kitchen


We say ‘probably’ because depending on the length of your trip you may simple want to eat out every night, if you have this option.


If, however, you’re going to find yourself unable to eat out every night due to being miles away from anything, when you hire your campervan you’re going to want to choose one that has a fairly sizeable kitchen to allow you to cook basic meals inside your motorhome. Luckily, as you’ll be traveling over the summer months you’ll probably mainly want to be consuming cold foods, meaning you won’t have to go to the trouble of actually cooking a great deal of meals from your kitchen.


In conclusion, in order to really enjoy a campervan trip over the summer months you’re going to have to make sure you hire a certain motorhome that has air conditioning, a large sleeping area, as well as a sizeable kitchen if you’re planning on cooking on the road.


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