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Car tips & advice | 21.05.2014 - 16:53

Five Tips to Sharing the Road With Long-Haul Truckers

This article shares some effective strategies for sharing the road with long-hail truckers.

Long-haul truckers can take up a great amount of space on the road and can be a hazard to smaller cars in difficult conditions. As a result, drivers should know ways to stay safe on the road and ways to deal with these large vehicles. This article will outline some strategies that drivers can use to avoid issues with long-haul truckers while on the road.

Avoid Following Too Close

One of the most dangerous things that drivers can do on the road is following a truck too closely. This section of a truck is a large blind spot for truckers and can endanger the lives of drivers. By not following too close, drivers can ensure that they will continue to be safe. Many drivers are accustomed to seeing signs that say "keep back 500 feet". While 500 feet is far too much in many real life conditions, keeping back at least 50 feet can prevent an accident related to a truck's blind spot. Drivers should also keep these issues in mind when they don't understand a truckers behavior on the road.

Pass Safely

Drivers looking to pass the truck need to know the right ways to pass in order to ensure safety. Drivers should keep in mind that truckers have blind spots on each side of their truck. As a result drivers should avoid taking too long to pass a truck, and if passing will only save a couple miles per hour, drivers should consider not passing at all. An industry expert, J & J Trailer Manufacturers & Sales Inc., recommends that drivers avoid being in the midsection of a semi-truck for too long while passing.

Don't Get Sandwiched

It is very dangerous to pass in an open lane between two trucks. This is because drivers are in the blind spots of both trucks at the same time. Additionally, drivers could easily be crushed if one truck made even a minor mistake. Since there are large trucks on both sides, drivers will be unable to do anything to prevent an imminent crash.

Drivers that want to stay safe on the road should always follow these strategies to ensure that they don't run into trouble in the future. By passing truck safely, drivers will earn the respect of truckers and get to their destinations safely. This will ensure that drivers can have a good time while traveling without endangering themselves or their loved ones.

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