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Car tips & advice | 20.05.2014 - 23:59

7 Simple Automotive Maintenance Steps To Prevent Monumental Disasters

Seven Simple steps to help maintain the health of your vehicle and prevent larger mishaps from occurring.

Drivers that want to stay safe on the road will need to follow proven maintenance procedures to ensure that their vehicles continue to perform well on the road. This article will outline some steps that every driver should take to prevent catastrophic disasters while on the road.


1. Keep the Oil Changed

Vehicle owners should be careful to ensure that they change the oil when recommended by the manufacturer. Most vehicles need to have the oil changed every 4,000 miles, and the oil should be changed at least every six months. For synthetic oils, these numbers can increase but owners should still not neglect getting an oil change.


2. Check Transmission Fluid

Another common cause of a disaster on the road is the transmission fluid. As cars age, the transmission fluid may start to wear out and will need to be replaced. Sometimes, when a transmission breaks, the owners simply needs to get new transmission fluid rather than replacing the entire component.


3. Don't Run Out of Gas

While this sounds very simple, 30% of drivers will experience an issue related to running out of gas in their lifetime. Never forget to fill up the gas tank when it is getting low.


4. Fix Damage Promptly

Often, car owners neglect making repairs to their cars after an accident. While this can save money in the short-term, it can also lead to damage that is much more expensive later down the road. Car bodies that are damaged can rust, moving parts can continue to get worse, and the car's value can decrease if repairs are not made as needed.


5. Replace the Battery

An old car battery can leave drivers stranded when on long trips away from home. Especially for cars that are rarely driven, car owners should take car to ensure that a car's battery isn't low power.


6. Use Reputable Repair Shops

When getting a car repaired, it is important that drivers select a repair shop that can be trusted. Drivers that have gone with irreputable repair companies have experienced difficulties such as putting the wrong amounts of oil in the car, not securely fastening bolts, and other severe hazards that can endanger the lives of both the driver and passengers.


7. Check Tire Pressure

Before going out on the road, drivers should always make sure that they have enough air pressure in the tires. Drivers often run into difficulties when the summer months approach as the temperature increases. Drivers should take particular caution to ensure driving safety during these times.


By following these procedures, drivers will continue to be safe on the road. This will protect family members and others from dangers associated with a poorly-maintained vehicle.


Information credit to National Transmission, a Calgary transmission repair company.

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