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Car tips & advice | 20.05.2014 - 23:36

Car Advice For The Novice: Five Things You Have To Know

Knowing the basics about your car can help you avoid expensive repairs and keep it running longer.

With all the modern advancements and high-tech gadgets on modern vehicles, it would seem that maintenance need be done by scientists. Not so. Lots of maintenance, trouble-shooting and emergency repair can be done by almost anyone who drives.


Any vehicle can get a flat tire. Understanding how the jack works, as well as the location and operation of the spare tire is essential. The spare tire, also known referred to as the doughnut, will be tucked away out of site with the jack. Study the manual before you have a flat to understand the process and make sure there's always air in the spare tire.


Vehicles, just like humans, rely on fluids to operate. Several of them are critical to the life of the car. Even though you might rely on service technicians to regularly check the fluids, if you get a "check engine light" on your dash, don't drive too far before checking the oil level, transmission fluid level, and antifreeze or coolant level. These fluids have obvious markers and methods of regulating and filling them if need be. Open the hood, locate them and understand how to check them. Specialized vehicles dealers, like G&G Autohaus Mercedes Repair can help you learn more about these fluids for your car and how to take care of them properly.

Switch Locations

Sometimes you have to search the cockpit of the car to locate certain handles, such as the remote gas cap lid. This pesky small switch is likely located on the drivers side near or on the floor. Find it before you fill up. It will save you time and frustration. Don't be caught with obnoxious drivers behind you at the gas station, yelling for you to hurry up because you can't get the gas cap lid open.

Wiper Controls versus Blinkers

Understand how the wiper lever works. It's one of the most overlooked, misunderstood levers on your vehicle. With all the options and settings, it can easily be mistaken for the joy stick on an airplane. Don't confuse it with the headlight lever. It's also multi-talented, with several settings. Another issue is the blinkers or turn indicator lever, it can be combined with either of the two, making it even more complicated. Work the levers independently before you begin driving to get the hang of it.

Emergency Brake

Another overlooked appliance on your vehicle is the manual emergency brake. It might be located beside the driver's seat, on the floor or under the dash. Use it when you're stopped on a slope or in an emergency when other options -- such as power brake failure. Understand how to release the emergency brake once its activated.

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