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Car tips & advice | 19.05.2014 - 17:17

Great Ways to Protect Your Car from the Elements

One of the sad truths of owning a car is that automobiles depreciate in value rapidly.
Great Ways to Protect Your Car from the Elements

To maintain the value of your vehicle as well as its attractiveness, you are going to have to take some steps to protect it. To help, below are several things you can do to protect your car from the elements.


Wash It

Washing isn’t only done to give a car an attractive appearance. Over time, a car tends to build up a layer of dirt, salt and pollution. This can actually accelerate the oxidation process and cause your car to rust faster. To stop this, wash your car often. This rule should especially be followed in the winter when your car is more likely to build up a layer of grime.


Avoid Wax and Polish

What many people don’t know is that wax and polish can actually damage your car’s paint job over time. These two options are actually kind of archaic compared to the newer techniques that have been introduced to protect your car’s exterior. Two excellent choices are non-abrasive paint conditioner and paint protection film. These options will better protect your car from rust and scratches than other choices.


Install a New Garage Door

To truly protect your car from the elements, you will ultimately need a garage. However, you don’t only have to perform maintenance on your car to protect it. You also need to make sure your garage is properly maintained as well. This includes the garage door. According to The Garage Door Company Ltd., a Calgary garage door manufacturer, during summer months, a leak in a garage door can allow the humidity to get too high and cause your car to rust. Consider installing a new garage door if your current one has significant leaks.


Use a Car Cover

Unfortunately, there may be days, such as when traveling, that you will have to park your car outside over night. If this is the case, consider investing in a car cover and storing it in your trunk when not in use. The cover can protect your car from the weather as well as bird droppings. Car covers can be purchased for under $100.


Proper car maintenance takes some work. This goes beyond servicing your engine and changing your oil. You also need to protect the exterior from the elements. If you do so, you may be able to better protect the value of your vehicle.

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