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Auto sport | 16.05.2014 - 18:23

9 of the Coolest Motorized Vehicles to Own that Aren't Cars

A detailed description of nine of the coolest motorized vehicles to own that aren't cars. These vehicles include: motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, PWC, Helicopter, Mini Jet, Motor boat, Hovercraft and Seabreacher.
Hovercrafts always look incredible

Sometimes, even the coolest sports car isn’t cool enough. You’re looking for something different – something that just oozes cool. For those times, one of these vehicles should do the trick.

No vehicle is more associated with the word cool than the motorcycle. You take the nerdiest geeknoid, put him in a black leather jacket, a pair of jeans, wrap a bandanna around his head and sit him on a Harley and he is suddenly cool – just like that. The motorcycle is so cool that almost anything similar is also cool; just look at the next three vehicles.

This is like a motorcycle built for snow and it definitely has an undeniable cool factor. It lets you operate on snow with almost as if you were riding a motorcycle on a dirt track. 

Cross a motorcycle with a Jeep and you get the rugged cool of the All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV). The original ATVs were more like puffed-up tricycles until too many people got killed riding them and lawmakers decided that they needed an extra wheel. Usually, making something safer reduces its cool factor but, in this case, it just made for a meaner looking vehicle.

The Personal Water Craft (PWC) is the water version of the motorcycle; ‘nuff said

When executives want to show off how much money they have, they get a private jet. When they want to show off how cool they are, they get a helicopter. If you have any doubts about just how cool it is, have a look at the original Tron. If you are stylish enough to own a helicopter than you should definitely invest in a portable building in Vancouver in order to protect it. Slip Tube Enterprises Ltd comes highly recommended to protect and maintain your coolest possession.

Mini jet
Bigger is not always better and, when it comes to cool aircraft, the minijet proves that axiom, especially when it’s featured in a James Bond movie (the minijet was in Octopussy) 

Motor boat
Just like the private jet vs. helicopter deal, cool is the difference a sailboat and a motorboat; sailboats get you cred for nautical skills, but any boat with a motor is way cooler looking.

Drive one of these out of your garage, across the beach and right out onto the water; any vehicle that can operate on land and on water with equal ease automatically gets major cool points

This is the most unique watercraft around; it dives underwater, it jumps out of the water and it’s the coolest looking vehicle in the water. Once you’ve seen one in action, the urge to say ‘That’s cool!’ is almost irresistible.

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