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Car tips & advice | 16.05.2014 - 16:50

Car Repairs You Can't Do Yourself

Many car maintenance and repair tasks can be undertaken by just about anybody. Flat tires can easily be fixed.
Car Repairs You Can't Do Yourself

Changing the oil takes a bit of effort, but can be done by just about anyone. However some repairs, such as transmissions, radiators, mufflers and brakes, are still best left to trained professionals. If repairs to these components are done poorly or incorrectly, they can quickly become a danger to the driver and all the others on the road.


Radiators: You can't keep your car cool on your own

Improperly repaired or replaced radiators can lead to engine overheating. If an engine gets too hot for too long, the head gasket can crack and the cylinders can warp, ruining the engine. You could save money in the short term replacing your own radiator, but it could cause more expensive problems down the road if anything should be out of whack.


Mufflers: Keeping your car quiet is not a one person job

A car without a muffler is incredibly and dangerously loud. One danger in attempting to fix or replace a muffler yourself is that you may inadvertently cause an exhaust leak. A leaking exhaust can reduce a car's gas mileage and allow toxic fumes to enter the interior of a car. If these fumes build up to high enough levels, driving can be impaired, thereby increasing the risk for accidents.


Brakes: You can't stop a car by yourself

Poorly repaired or maintained brakes can make driving your car extremely dangerous according to Action Muffler Radiator & Brakes, a repair shop that specializes in brake repair in Edmonton. Brake systems that are bled incorrectly can work poorly, or even fail. Also, some brake pads produce dust that can be irritating or harmful if inhaled while being changed.


Transmissions: This is one gear you can't change

Transmission repairs can be some of the most costly repairs to make on a car. This is mostly because of all the time and care that has to be taken to do the job correctly. Improperly removing a transmission can warp or break engine mounts. If connectors and gaskets aren't cleaned properly, dust can enter the transmission, greatly lowering its lifespan.


Trying advanced car repairs to save money can be tempting. But for the safely of all the drivers on the road, yourself included, don’t try to handle those major repairs yourself. The next time you have issues with radiators, mufflers, brakes or transmissions, do everybody a favor and let the trained professionals handle it.

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