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Security | 15.05.2014 - 22:54

7 Things to Do Immediately After Discovery Your Car Has Been Broken Into

If you discover that your car's been broken into, don't do anything until you complete the following 7 steps
Car Broken Into

If you discover that your car's been broken into, don't do anything until you complete the following 7 steps. Taking these precautions will increase the likelihood that you'll get through the experience safely and might even help you recover some of the financial costs of the burglary.


If You're Alone, Get Help


If you discover your car's been broken into, especially if you're female or alone in a secluded area or parking lot, don't wait around for something worse to happen. Get to the nearest public area and call a friend for help.


Take Pictures of the Damage


Take as many pictures as you can of the damage to your vehicle. Get all angles, and try to capture smaller damages too, like scratches. Be sure to photograph the surrounding area as well in order to capture the full extent of damages like broken glass or damage to tires or your vehicle's exterior. Pictures of the area where your vehicle was parked may come in handy if you need to go to court to prove the time and location of your vehicle at the time of burglary.


Call the Police


Call the police as soon as you can. Even if you have a friend or someone else with you, your personal safety may be at risk. Additionally, the more time you wait to file a police report, the more time the criminals have to get away with their crime.


Call Your Insurance Agent


Call your auto insurance provider after calling the police. They will likely want to get as much information from you as possible about the damage and any items that were taken. You can also find out about using any towing and car rental services and what damage your policy covers.


Call a Mechanic


In addition to photographing and noting any damage and theft that you see to your vehicle, be sure to call a mechanic that you can see as soon as possible. Your insurance provider might send a claims adjuster to inspect your vehicle, but it doesn't hurt to get a mechanic's perspective on any potential damage that you may not have noticed under the hood. Even if your car looks safe, you could be risking your life if you drive without getting the okay from someone who knows what to look for.


Prevent Identity Theft


If you've kept personal documents, a wallet, your car's title or other identifying information in your car, take immediate steps to prevent identity theft. Report any items that are missing or stolen to your bank or the department of transportation.


Check the Premises for Surveillance


If you're parked in a public area or shopping center, check with an attendant to find out if the area is under video surveillance. If so, your thief might have been caught on video burglarizing your vehicle, making it easier to find and charge him or her.


Don't just drive away in an emotional state after discovering that your vehicle has been burglarized. Take steps to ensure your safety and security, and do everything you can do document the damage and catch the thief.


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