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Insurance | 14.05.2014 - 00:14

Smash Crash Crunch - How to Know Whether or Not You Need a Lawyer a Car Accident

After a car accident you'll have a lot to deal with. You think you might need the help of a lawyer to get everything taken care of, but is it really necessary?

There's no doubt that being in a car accident is a stressful ordeal to go through. There's a lot to take care of following an accident—insurance claims, damages to your vehicle, medical care and injuries—the list goes on and on. There might be added stress in the beginning if you're not sure if you need the help of a lawyer or not. Lawyers can help demystify the strange world of law, can help stand up to the big bad wolf of the insurance world where agents are more concerned about overhead and keeping costs down than looking out for the interests of the policy holder. Healthcare policies and medical law can also be confusing and frustrating, especially when you're dealing with an injury on top of everything else. Additionally, being unfamiliar with rights and paperwork and forms can be intimidating. Seeking legal aid to break down the terminology or for understanding of rights is a wise decision. Confused on whether or not you need a lawyer? Here are few ways to know where you stand.


Insurance Matters

Does your insurance agent truly care about you as a person? Is dealing with insurance confusing? Chances are you are dealing with the corporate world and that means profits are number one priority. Overhead is kept down as much as possible, in addition to keeping overhead low, insurance companies strive to minimize payouts for bodily harm and claims for property damage. What about the uninsured driver? That is a whole new ball game with challenges in and of itself. Don't fight the big dog alone, seek legal aid as soon as possible. The insurance agents will surely act in their own interest and give you the runaround if you don't have the help of a legal professional.


Medical Concerns

If you've been hurt in an accident, you should always seek medical care. If you aren't familiar with even basic terms, medical law can feel like a foreign language. Always make sure doctor visits are well documented. It is important to have proper documentation of the initial medical reports when you visit the hospital or a clinic. According to the Vancouver personal injury lawyers at Kenneth Cristall Legal, you might need a lawyer to help figure out what insurance should cover, and what you are responsible for paying. A personal injury lawyer can also help you determine what a reasonable pay out for pain and suffering is, and what type of information you need to maximize the value of your payouts. What will health insurance cover and will coverage be possible if I am at fault? Between doctors and the insurance companies, you can be lost and left in the dark and feeling confused, so enlisting the help of a lawyer will ensure that you have at least one professional on your side as you try to cope with your injuries and handle everything else.


Proving Liability

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident, it can be tough to know if you are at fault, and if you think you're not at fault, it can be tough to prove it. More often than not, scenes can be muddled and police reports are at times, filled out inaccurately. Lawyers can help present your case effectively and professionally, and will also be experienced in dealing with cases similar to yours. The variables involved in automobile accidents are endless, proving who is at fault can be a huge challenge. Without that knowledge and experience, you can be trampled over from the giants in the legal system.


Future Quality of Life

What might seem like an insignificant injury now can impact your future quality of life, in ways that are not always anticipated. An attorney will be familiar with cases similar to yours and understand that an accident could play a huge part of the future in ways you have not considered. Leaving things in the hands of a well trained professional will add information when presenting your case and will increase the odds of getting a settlement in your favor.


The most important thing to do after an accident is to focus on your health, peace of mind, well-being and safety. Lawyers are available to help navigate the waters after an accident, but depending on your situation, they might not always be necessary. In the event of complicated cases or the health of those involved has been compromised, it’s important to do what is needed to in order to return to a sense of independence and normal life. If hiring an attorney helps add clarity to the crash, then it is a wise decision. Making informed decisions to health care, replacing or repairing cars and avoiding conflicts are all benefits you'll enjoy if you enlist the help of a professional and experienced lawyer. The money you spend on a lawyer will be minimal to the amount that you could be missing out on if you don't receive proper compensation after the accident.


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