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Tuning & styling | 12.05.2014 - 23:15

The SLS AMG Black Series Gains More Power, Styling, and 3 Piece Wheels

One of the most incredible supercars in the Mercedes-Benz lineup just got even scarier. The SLS AMG Black Series was outfitted with new styling, given more horsepower, and then a set of 3 piece wheels to make it even more exciting.

One of the most hardcore models in the Mercedes-Benz model lineup is the SLS AMG Black Series. Based on the SLS AMG model, it takes everything that’s good about the supercar and makes it ten times better. It utilizes all of the motorsports know how that the Mercedes-Benz/AMG team has collected over the years and uses it to its advantage. This makes it one track day star and a supercar that’s worthy of competing with the best of the best from other marques around the globe. The SLS AMG Black Series is simply a hardcore beast on and off the track thanks to its aerodynamics and powerplant. But, one German aftermarket tuning company was able to get even more out of the supercar with its new upgrade program and make it even more of a weapon. The team created a full upgrade package that encompasses everything from the aerodynamic properties of the SLS AMG Black Series to the engine and even a new set of 3 piece wheels were installed to create an even more heart-pounding supercar.


To start things off, the German aftermarket tuning company started their work on the hand built AMD 6.2-liter V-8 engine that’s naturally aspirated. The engine is regarded as one of the best naturally aspirated performance V-8 engines in Germany and helps to make the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series the monster that it is. The German aftermarket company installed one of their software tuning programs in the ECU that adjusts a number of different variables to produce more power in a reliable fashion. Even the factory exhaust was replaced with a new titanium exhaust unit with 100-cell catalytic converters for even more power. In all, a total of 654 horsepower and 478 lb-ft. of torque are sent to each of the rear 3 piece wheels for some even more incredible acieration figures.


Those improved power figures had some of the engineers working to reinforce the chassis. The entire suspension was beefed up with new coilovers and the ride height was reduced by 5 mm. The factory rim setup was replaced with new forged 3 piece wheels that are lighter but stronger than the ones they replaced. Each of the 3 piece wheels was given a special black finish and equipped with Pirelli PZero Nero high performance tires for added grip.


In terms of aerodynamics, not much needed to be done but the German team still added on a few goodies for the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series. The supercar was outfitted with a larger front spoiler lip and a new adjustable rear carbon fiber spoiler.

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