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Car tips & advice | 12.05.2014 - 20:40

New Driver: Better Ways to Feel Prepared for The Final Test

Getting ready to get your license requires you are also ready to take the driving test.

You've waited for sixteen years, and now here it finally is, the dreaded driving test. The finality of it all is enough to make a lot of people nervous. These tips will help you stay calm and feel as prepared as possible when the time comes to take the test.



You would think this goes without saying, but some don't feel the need to practice for something that seems so simple. Practicing as much as possible will help you feel like you can do anything that is asked of you. If there is anything that you find especially challenging, focus on those things until you do them perfectly. They are not looking for extreme perfection, but the more confidence you have the better.


Remember Key Points

Just like with any test, there will be specific things instructors are looking for. The main things will be the use of a blinker, checking mirrors, and full stops. If you have been driving for a while, you may need to constantly remind yourself of these things. Remember what your drivers education teacher taught you about these simple aspects of driving.


Learn Basics About Car Repairs

A lot of us have fathers at home who are car-savvy enough to impart some wisdom on simple things like oil changes in Surrey and basic car repairs. If you do not have this perk, it's easy to go online or ask a Minit-Tune & Brake auto centre about many different kinds of easy repairs. Knowing a little bit about the car will help you understand how the car works. Sometimes this can contribute to a better attitude about driving.



Relaxing is easier said than done when you are already nervous about this big test, but it can make a big difference in your grade. If you are clearly a nervous wreck, the tester may feel that you are unfit for the road. Stay calm and breathe deeply. The tester will sometimes engage you in conversation, so feel free to talk to them, but if it is too distracting, you should also feel free to say so.


By employing all of these tips, you will feel more prepared for your driving test. Practice makes perfect. Relax and remember your training. Get a good night's sleep the night before and a good breakfast the morning of the test. When it's all over, you will be surprised how quickly it all went by. Good luck, and see you on the road!

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