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Car tips & advice | 12.05.2014 - 17:11

Wrecked? How To Get Your Car Back on the Road as Fast as Possible

After an accident, getting your car back on the road and running as smoothly and as soon as possible is definitely a priority.

At some point in our lives, most of us will be involved in an automotive accident. After experiencing a hopefully minor accident, getting your car back on the road and running as smoothly and as soon as possible is definitely a priority. To do this, you'll need to take some time to prepare for the worst and have a solid plan in place for when and if you do experience a wreck:


Before the Accident: Preparation

Accident preparation allows you to prepare for the worst while you're in a calm state of mind, not when the screeching of tires and grinding of metal is still ringing in your ears. Prepare and mark an "accident kit" and stow it in an easily-reachable place in your car. This kit should contain a medical information card with insurance policy numbers and details of any allergies or medical conditions, first aid kit, small road cones, flares,disposable camera, pen and memo book, and Mylar blankets. Your cell phone needs a contact marked ICE (In Case of Emergency). First responders look for this to contact a victim's family or friends. Get the contact information for a recommended collision repair specialist in your area, and put this in your kit or in your contacts list.


Immediately After the Accident: Action

Report the event to 911, and follow their instructions. Even a small fender-bender should be reported and investigated. If you aren't seriously injured, if there is danger of fire or of getting hit by another vehicle, leave the car for a safer place. This is the time to use road flares and cones and, in cold weather, the Mylar blanket. Write down the other driver's contact and insurance information. Get contact information for any witnesses. Don't admit fault or say you have no injuries; you may not know yet whether you are injured. Be polite and respectful to everyone involved. An Edmonton auto body specialist advises that if your car must be towed, give the name of your previously-chosen collision repair specialist to the tow truck driver. This will minimize the distance your car will need to be moved before it can be repaired, hopefully preventing as much further damage as possible.


Following the Accident: Follow Up

Report the accident to your insurance company right away. If another driver was involved, give his or her information as well. Your agent will take it from there. If an appraiser doesn't contact you promptly, call the company and request the name of the supervisor for your case, and your case number. If your policy has coverage, get a rental car promptly. This encourages quick settlement!


As soon as you have your check, your repairs can be made by your pre-selected collision repair specialist, and you'll be on your way again! By planning beforehand, you've saved time and gotten a great repair job!

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