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Buying a car | 12.05.2014 - 15:42

Back to Basics – What You Really Need in a Car

Does your car suit your needs? What is it you actually need?

The quest for the perfect car is becoming a complicated matter. Motorists are not only considering performance and reliability, but also fuel efficiency and practicality. Can you afford to drive just any car you like in the current economic climate? Compromises have to be made as fuel prices soar, and the world demands more and more of our time. It’s time to get rid of the wagon. Leave the chunky 4X4 in the garage, and invest in something basic.

For a busy lifestyle, you need a car that can get you there with minimal fuss, but maximum efficiency. If you spend a large chunk of your day in traffic, air con is a must, and you should be using Bluetooth. If you’re covering long distances at night, a decent sound system is your best friend. Best not to compromise on the things you need.

This is where the hatchback comes in

Thanks to the fuel crises of the 70’s, small cars have spent some time on the market, and have infiltrated every class of driver’s preference. But what if you like owning the road in your battleship-sized sedan? A lot can be said for the luxury of space you get with a classic ‘I have arrived’ sedan, not to mention the security of a privately locked boot. But do you really need it? Modern hatchbacks offer loads of storage space just by folding down the back seats. Hatchbacks are practical, cheeky, and way easier to negotiate through city traffic. Parking’s a breeze, and, best of all, you don’t have to compromise on quality or safety.

Hatchbacks worth considering

For stylish options, look into the BMW1 series. The Mercedes A45 is a powerful little beast, but the fuel efficiency could be better. If you want something classy, yet affordable, consider the Opel Astra. All the luxuries you need come standard, and it has tons of storage space. For the outdoor lovers there are a range of zippy small cars complete with 4-wheel drive. Have a look at Volkswagen’s range of Golf R’s, or the Subaru Impreza. They’re sporty, but practical. And what if it’s personality you’re after? The Nissan Micra and the Mini Cooper have loads.

The hatchback has come a long way since Renault dropped it onto the market in the 60’s. Back then the (now legendary) Renault 16 was considered a ‘compromise car’, something reserved for car pooling and grocery runs. Now we are spoilt for choice, and having a hatchback that suits your lifestyle is something to be proud of.

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