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Car tips & advice | 09.05.2014 - 23:58

While It's in the Shop: Six Steps to Renting a Car After a Car Accident

Renting a car after an accident can be confusing. Here is an overview to know what steps to take.

Repairing a vehicle after an accident can take time. If you are not lucky enough to have access to a spare vehicle to drive while your primary vehicle is in the shop, you'll need to rent a vehicle through a rental agency. Filing an auto insurance claim can be a stressful process, but if you take the appropriate steps from the beginning you can avoid some of the stress and many of the delays. Here are 6 important steps that you should take to rent a car following an accident:


1 Have Your Vehicle Towed to a Safe Place
If your vehicle cannot be driven away from the scene, be sure to have it towed to a safe location or to an approved auto repair shop. If you have towing coverage on your policy, calling your insurer for a covered tow can save you from going through the process of reimbursement.


2 Call Your Insurance Company to File Your Claim
After the dust has settled and you leave the scene of the accident, you need to call your insurer to file your claim for damage and/or injuries. When you file the claim, the agent may ask for information about the location and other vehicles involved. Be sure you have your police report handy, and take notes if your representative tells you further steps you need to take.


3 Ask Your Agent About Rental Car Coverage
If you need a rental car immediately, you will need to carry a special form of rental car coverage for your insurer to extend a payment to a rental car agency like Jamieson Rentals where you would rent a car in Kitchener. This optional form of cover will pay a daily rate when you need a replacement vehicle because your car is disabled or stolen. Find out if you carry this coverage, how much daily coverage you have and which companies you can rent from before you book your reservation.

4 Waiting Until Fault Is Determined
If you do not carry rental car coverage and you do not believe that the damage claim is your fault, you may need to wait until fault is determined by both insurers before you can rent a car without paying out-of-pocket. If you are not at-fault for the loss, you are entitled to the use of a comparable rental car at no cost to you. If you can drive your car in the meantime, it might be best to wait to have your car repaired until after you are found not at-fault.

5 Find Out If You Need Supplemental Rental Insurance
Be sure that your auto insurance extends to a replacement vehicle before you reject the supplemental insurance. Your liability insurance will extend, but you must carry physical damage cover for any potential damage to be covered. Also learn what is not covered by your personal auto insurance.

6  Arrange the Payment to Be Made
Let your insurer know which rental agency you will be renting from so that the claims payment can be processed. Be sure to tell the rental agent this is for an auto claim to make the process easier. If you choose a quality company, you can sit back while the agent handles the processing for you.

Renting a car is the solution when a car is in the shop for repairs. If you have coverage, use your coverage to save money out-of-pocket. Take these steps, and you can still commute to work even though your vehicle is out of commission.

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