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Car design | 09.05.2014 - 21:44

Buying American? How The Old Stigma of Buying American Cars has Long Been Defeated

Buying American is no longer a gamble--here's why.

Buying American? How The Old Stigma of Buying American Cars has Long Been Defeated

For decades, common wisdom among prospective car shoppers was that buying an American car was always a losing proposition. This belief was continuously bolstered by a steady flood of consumer automotive reports putting American cars at the bottom of the heap when it came to long-term reliability, along with U.S. auto makers not taking the foreign competition seriously and scores of car buyers learning firsthand how terrible the offerings were.


Nowadays, the home team is taking charge once more through a combination of better offerings, improved technology and a new-found drive to satisfy a new generation of customers who are less biased and more open towards the latest from Ford, Chevy and Chrysler.


The American Comeback Story

The American automotive industry faced a moment of truth in the midst of bankruptcy and government bailouts, but the Big Three’s trial by fire not only helped balance the books, but also refocus the big players into offering a broad array of vehicles that challenge and even surpass Toyota and Honda.


According to a specialist in truck parts in Langley, better choice of automotive materials and more compelling body designs have helped make cars like the Chrysler 300 and Ford Fusion the hot choices among car buyers in recent years. It’s also helped that many of the Big Three’s offerings seem much fresher than the most recent Toyota Camry or Honda Accord.


Better Technology Equals Better Cars

The fuel crunch of the 1970s turned out to be America’s not-so-finest moment when it came to embracing new fuel-saving technology while preserving performance. These days, the Big Three are doing things a bit differently by unveiling a wide variety of promising technology that not only saves fuel, but also saves the environment while boosting overall performance.


With Ford’s extensive family of EcoBoost engines, Ford engineers have been able to improve the fuel economy and emissions of its fleet while offering incredible performance, with the 3.5-liter six-cylinder under the hood of its best-selling F-150 pickup truck as a credible example. Domestic automakers are also working on a variety of alternative fuel technologies, including the latest in plug-in electric hybrid tech. The Cadillac ELR, a sleek two-door electric hybrid based on the four-door Chevy Volt, is one such vehicle that benefits from GM’s latest research.


American cars are no longer the bad bet they once were, thanks to a combination of steady improvements and new technology. It also helps that the Big Three are once again taking the Japanese and European competition seriously, as seen of its latest offerings.


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