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Car tips & advice | 08.05.2014 - 21:46

Semi Truck Driving - 5 Unknown Facts

Do you have a fascination for the powerful machines that drive by you on the highway? Here are some cool facts about 18-wheelers that you might have not known before...

Truck driving is one of the most underrated professions in the world. In order to maneuver an 18-wheeler along the road, you must be a very skilled driver. We rely on these ultra-powerful machines to transport various products from one destination to the next. Here are a five unknown facts about semi-trucks.


Massive Amounts of Torque

It is not uncommon for the engine in a sports car to produce 300 or more horsepower. In some instances, the horsepower output is equal to that of a semi-truck. However, a semi-truck’s tremendous amount of torque is what sets it apart from a car. On average, a big truck’s diesel engine develops 10 times more torque than a car. With 2,000 pound-feet of torque under the hood, the truck can easily pull hefty loads of cargo.


Amazing Durability

Even the most durable car or pickup truck can not compete with the longevity of a semi-truck. The engine in a big rig is engineered to last for at least one million miles. You may have noticed that many truck drivers tend to leave their tractor-trailer running for long periods of time. Unlike a normal vehicle, a semi-truck’s engine is designed to run non-stop. However, some areas have enacted anti-idling laws that require the engine to be turned off after a certain period of time.



The cost to purchase a semi-truck without a trailer can exceed $170,000. If the trucking company wants to add a trailer, the total cost could hover near $250,000. The price tag on a big rig is actually more expensive than some of the exotic sports cars produced by Ferrari and Maserati. There are many places to find commercial trucks for sale like Arrow Truck Sales in Kansas City.


Jack-Knife Accident

Trucks drivers must always take the necessary precautions to prevent jack-knifing. A jack-knife accident is when the trailer swings into the cab of the semi-truck. Although jackknifing can occur at anytime, drivers must be especially leery during inclement weather.


Air Brakes

Due to the massive weight of a semi-truck, it is engineered with an air-brake system. Most people have heard the hissing sound produced by a big truck’s air-brake system. If the air-brakes suddenly give out, the truck will be virtually unstoppable. This is the reason why some areas have constructed runaway truck lanes. When traveling at a speed of 65 mph, it takes a fully-loaded semi-truck over 500 feet to come to a complete stop.


Semi-truck driving is actually a lot more involved than you make think. Just like today’s modern automobiles, these big machines are now being designed with a variety of new innovations.

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