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Car tips & advice | 06.05.2014 - 19:56

When You Don't Read the Owners Manual: 5 Essential Car Services That Are Probably Overdue

The 5 essential car services that you will forget to have done.

Car owners that run into the highest repair bills are invariably the ones that neglect regular maintenance. While every car and every car owner are different, there seems to be a fairly well-defined set of car maintenance tasks that are put off for far too long. There's a good chance that your car needs the following services right now.


Electrical System Audits

For decades, the most troublesome problems found in any car in need of repair always stem from electrical malfunctions. Your car's electrical system is so much more complex than most imagine, which is why it's important to keep a fresh battery in your vehicle and have a thorough diagnostic examination of your circuitry performed on a regular basis.


New Transmission Fluid

Though statistics are hard to come by, it wouldn't be a stretch to say that transmission fluid changes are the most neglected maintenance procedure for car owners. Change interval recommendations range from 30,000 to 100,000 miles depending on make and model. Swapping out transmission fluid every 50,000 miles is a prudent strategy.


New Air Filters

Besides gasoline, air is really the food of your engine. People tend to forget about air filters despite their massive importance. A dirty air filter can decrease fuel efficiency by up to 10%, which is why it's so important to change the air intake filter regularly. Do it every 30,000 miles for the best results.


Brake Pad Replacement

An alarming percentage of drivers try to squeeze the maximum amount of life from brake pads to save a few bucks. Ignoring squeaky brakes can cost you a lot more in repair bills if you damage your rotors. While pads can last up to 50,000 miles, you should replace them when they start to make noise.


Shock & Strut Work

As expensive as replacing all four shocks can be, doing so is ultimately a wise investment. Pushing shocks beyond their average 50,000K lifespan is a definite no-no since it results in prematurely worn out struts. If the roads in your area are particularly rough, swap out shocks at 40,000 miles or less.


Money Well Spent

While this list of servicing priorities is hardly definitive, it does cover all of the major bases. In addition to the aforementioned automotive maintenance, be sure to monitor engine belts and change them when necessary. The money you spend on preventative maintenance will save you far more in major repairs farther down the road.


Information Credit to European Motor Cars,a Las Vegas Audi service center which uses the industry's most advanced diagnostic and repair systems to fix the vehicle right the first time. Every technician has been factory trained and Master Status Certified to ensure the highest quality and most efficient service. 

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