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Car tips & advice | 06.05.2014 - 17:30

Is Your Car On It's Way Out? 3 Tips to Give Your Car New Life

Here are 3 things proactive vehicle owners can do to give their car new life!
transmission repair

When you buy a brand new vehicle, your intentions are to keep it shiny and running forever. Unfortunately, you must be a very persistent vehicle owner if you want to keep your car running as if it were still new. As your car ages and you start to notice the mechanical wear and tear, you may sense that your vehicle is on its way out. Instead of ignoring the possible mechanical issues and having your vehicle towed to the junk yard months later, you can breath life into your piece of machinery and make a few replacements. Here are 3 things proactive vehicle owners can do to give their car new life:


Get a Tune-up and Replace the Simple But Vital Parts


Sometimes the little things are what keep the entire system as a whole running. Replacing the simple yet vital parts of your vehicle part by part leaves the opportunity to miss necessary replacement parts. This is why wise car owners choose to get 30k, 60k and 90k tune-up appointments where all of the vital parts are replaced at a single time. Some of the parts that will be replaced include spark plugs, air filters, oil filter, timing belts, water pumps, fuel filters and more. If anything else is needed, your mechanic will create a list so that you can choose which parts are a priority.


Replacing Your Transmission


National Transmission, a company that does manual transimission repair in Calgary has said and it is pretty well known, that every vehicle needs a transmission to function. The transmission is a complex mechanical part that includes hydraulic and electronic components as well. While the modern engine is capable of living well past 200,000 miles if maintained, transmissions typically fail between 80,000 and 130,000 miles depending on how they are built. This is because with every shift of your transmissions gears, it experiences wear. If your vehicle has held its value, investing money into a new transmission could be a smart decision to extends its life. You must consider its value and how long you want the investment to offer a return.


Replacing Your Suspension System


Does your ride no longer feel smooth? If it feels as if you are riding on a rocky road when the road has just been paved, you probably need new shocks or struts. Many people do not realize the importance of their suspension system and how it relates to other parts and efficiency. When you press the gas, the force from the acceleration translates into energy and the suspension systems enough the car to handle bumps at low or high speeds. If your suspension needs replacement, your tires will wear, your engine works harder than it needs to, and other components will experience wear and tear. It also affects your ability to control the vehicle.


A vehicle is an investment, and protecting your investment is important. You must consider the value of your vehicle and its condition when you are deciding whether to junk the car or extend its life. Each of these parts give your car new life when it is deemed to be salvageable.

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