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Tuning & styling | 01.01.2013 - 18:33

Ultimate Dodge Challenger SRT-8

Car Company Ultimate Auto has prepared a special body kit for the wicked American 'muscle' car, a Dodge Challenger SRT-8.
Tuned Dodge Challenger

​Tuner company from Florida has developed special panels that completely changed side of this car and how it looks. After this tuning Dogger Challenger SRT,-8 look more dangerous and attractive.

The bonnet is now made ​​of transparent Plexiglas so it is possible to see from the outside. It looks like a powerful compressor. On rear is positioned exhaust pipe and refurbished bumper. Challenger SRT-8 is rolling on the set of massive 24 × 15-inch Savini wheels painted in matt ash color. Huge wheels are covered with Pirelli tires 405/25 R24. Finally, the body is painted in gray and black combination, in order to feel complete, there are builded hidden electronic door handle. Ultimate Auto made a great job with this car.

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