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Car tips & advice | 05.05.2014 - 22:56

Does Your Auto Insurance Cover You In Other Countries? How To Make Sure You're Covered

Make sure your auto insurance is covered in different countries.

Auto insurance is not something people may think about when taking a vacation or business trip out of the United States, but it something that they must always think about. If you plan to be driving in another country, it is important that you are covered by some type of auto insurance that will protect you in the event of a car accident. Finding out if your insurance covers you in another country is easy; and if your insurance does not cover you, obtaining insurance that will cover you while you are in other countries is easy and extremely affordable.

Talk with Your Agent

By making a call to your insurance agent before you leave the country, you will be able to make the necessary arrangements if your insurance does not cover you. If your insurance agent assures you that you are covered in other countries, you will not need to do anything else to be covered when you leave the country.

Add Insurance

If your current auto insurance policy does not cover you while you are abroad, it is important to obtain a policy that will. Some auto insurance companies offer it in addition to the policy that you already have and will allow you to add it for the time that you are in a different country. Talk to your insurance agent about whether the company offers it and consider adding it to your existing policy to save money.

Consider a Different Company

If your auto insurance company does not offer auto insurance that will cover you while you are in a foreign country, you should consider going to a different company for that type of insurance. You do not have to switch your entire policy, but you will be able to get supplemental insurance in a completely different policy that will help keep you protected outside of the United States. Many insurance companies are partnered with others, and your insurance company may be able to suggest some other companies that will not only provide you with the insurance, but will give you a discount for being a customer of their partner.


Once you are covered by some sort of insurance to drive while in a foreign country, you should be sure that you obtain all documentation that you need. Get insurance cards as well as a guarantee that you are covered and keep them with you at all times while driving abroad. If something does end up happening, like you get in an accident, and the foreign authorities don’t want to honor your insurance, you have a few options. The best one is to go find a lawyer who specializes in vehicle accidents to help you through the process. Make sure you find a lawyer with a good reputation, like Bronson Jones & Co, as this will make your claims process go by much more effectively. 

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