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Car tips & advice | 05.05.2014 - 20:53

Four Top Safe Driving Tips for New Drivers

Teen drivers need a little extra help when they first start driving. Here are some great tips to help keep new drivers safe.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a new driver is more likely to have an accident within their first two years behind the wheel. An unsettling more-than-a-third of teen deaths are a result of vehicular accidents, the majority of which occur at night. Another disturbing number is that 54 percent of those teen deaths occur on the weekend.


New drivers – especially teenagers – can’t wait to get behind the wheel. Unfortunately, they don’t necessarily attach driving to safety. They attach it to freedom and independence, to adventure and being seen as cool.


The fact is it takes practice and patience to develop responsible driving skills. New drivers need to understand that being issued a license doesn’t negate their lack of experience. They have to understand that their time in a car makes them responsible for themselves, their passengers and every pedestrian and motorist on the road. Here are four tips every new driver has to keep in mind when they are handed the car keys.


Slow Down


The biggest threat to driving safety are people that insist on going too fast. It is the number one cause of vehicle teen deaths. The faster the car is going, the greater the impact and damage. Adjust your speed for weather conditions. Snow, ice, rain and fog will all require different reaction times and speeds. Seat belts and airbags are designed to protect, but they don’t make anyone invincible.


Forget All Your Devices


If you have to use one, you pull over. We are all aware of how many accidents and deaths have been the cause of a driver actually looking at a screen instead of the road, yet it hasn’t deterred the irresponsible. There are still many people who think they can type and drive at the same time. And more people who end up suffering because of it.


No Drinking or Use of Drugs


Too many people refuse to acknowledge their impairment when they have been drinking or using drugs (this includes medications that affect reaction time). Far too many people have ended up needing a defense attorney to defend them against criminal charges, looking at jail time for everything from DUI, endangerment and vehicular manslaughter. If you find yourself in this circumstance, you may need to employ an organization like The Defence Lawyer, with defense lawyers in Edmonton.


Know the Vehicle


Whenever you get behind the wheel, check everything. See how much gas there is. Check the windows for obstruction and see if mirrors are adjusted to your comfort. Get in the habit of knowing if tire pressure is low. A lot of these things can be done even with a car you’ve never driven before.


These four tips guarantee you will be a better driver starting out, and everyone will know you’re only going to get better.

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