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Car tips & advice | 30.04.2014 - 21:11

When Do You Really Need New Tires For The Car?

Sometimes car owners take their car in too soon to replace tires. They end up spending money sooner than they need to buy tires. When is the right time to get tires?

Tires: everyone has to deal with them. Because tires wear out so often, it is worth the effort to research the process of buying new tires. Make the right selection based on your geography and driving habits. Here’s a small guide to the automobile owner who wants to know when the right time to buy new tires is.


Before you get tire repairs, you should probably have a good idea of what the function of tires are. The rubber material of the tires provides the traction with the road itself. It is actually not the tire treads that give traction to the car. In fact, NASCAR tires don’t have treads. It is the rubber that allows your car to grip the pavement. So what are the function of the treads you see on so many tires? The main purpose of the grooves in the tire is to effectively distribute water away from the tires and the road, preventing hydroplaning. These grooves can also help you grip rougher dirt and gravel roads. The main point of your tires is to created friction. All the fancy stuff tire makers do is to increase friction in various environments. You could be driving on poorly conditioned tires that increase the likelihood of a car crash. Overall, good tires make a safe, comfortable ride.


Once you know about tires, watch for signs that you need replacements, such as noises, vibrations and reduced traction. If you drive with poor traction, the car slips and slides easily. The tread has worn down to the point where the grooves are almost gone. The old penny trick will help you know if you’ve worn past a safe point: Stick Abraham’s head into the tread, and if you see the entire head, then you’re tires are too bald. Hydroplaning makes tires slip on water that is hard to remove without treads. A common repair is to patch up a hole. If the repair is not made in time, a blowout occurs and ruins the whole tire. If your tire problems are beyond repair, review your replacement options. Another sure sign of a need for tire replacement is uneven wearing of the tire tread.


If you need to replace the tires, know which types and brands to buy. First, decide which type of driving you plan to do. Certain tires are made for certain purposes. Look for specifications like durability or snow traction. Consider all-season tires that are popular selections for all times of the year. For the winter, you cannot drive on ice, snow and slush without expecting some kind of danger. Equip your car with snow or winter tires. To find these items, look for winter-related symbols or size numbers that are inscribed somewhere on the tires. Buy from major brands found at large stores that are known for large selections and good customer services.


You are probably one of many people who know nothing about tires. You may think that tires are like windshield wipers or steering wheels that come in standard designs. There are cheap, standard tires available, but you are better off choosing the most appropriate pair. Improve the safety and efficiency of your driving when you look for ideal products. Become well-informed tires before you make a purchase.


This article was written with help from www.egtireshredders.com, a tire recycling machinery company out of Utah.

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