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Car tips & advice | 26.04.2014 - 18:51

The MOT Test and Driver Safety

An insight into the MOT test and driver safety aspects involved.

The MOT is a test that is required by all serviceable vehicles in the UK. The purpose of the MOT test is to evaluate the upkeep of the nation’s vehicles. It is a test that is required after 3 years in the vehicles lifespan and then must be renewed every year afterward. The cost of an MOT test from an Ipswich garage is anywheere from £30 to £120 depending on the size, model, and age of the vehicle.


The purpose of the MOT test is to ensure more safety and security for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. Vehicles that pass the test are certified for another year however, vehicles that fail are required to repair and retest. A vehicle that fails can still be driven but only to a certified repair station or to a retest appointment. Driving in an unkempt vehicle is against the law and anyone who attempts this could very well be persecuted for their actions. Breaking these laws will result in heavy fines and in some cases even incarceration.


Failing the MOT is no reason to despair. There are several options open to drivers who fail to pass the MOT. Drivers who fail will get a detailed explanation of why they failed and the steps needed to fix the problem. Common reasons for failure are broken lights, worn brakes, cracked windscreens, and faulty exhaust systems. Other possible vehicle failures include loss of gas, major engine failure, chronic misuse of turn signals, and constant badgering use of the horn. These failures amount to the largest safety hazards that drivers face but are by no means the only problems drivers need to think about. Proper view ports are essential as well as a well-ventilated interior. A complete lack of vehicular obstructions as well as a reasonable amount of cleanliness are required to even begin the test. If the service operator in charge of your test finds any of these problems with your vehicle it could be an automatic failure of the MOT at which point your will deal with consequences. It’s a good idea to have work on the car completed prior to your personal testing appointment. Repairs prior to your test will almost always ensure success but, if you somehow fail the test anyway there are several methods that can help to get you vehicle back in working order. If you choose you can leave your vehicle at the repair station to be worked on and retested with no extra test fee. If you choose to fix the vehicle yourself you can do so and get it retested for free by the end of the following business day.


The purpose of the MOT is to reduce crime and improve standards of safety. The MOT reduces accidents as well as lowers the chances of car theft but, in some cases the MOT can be wrong. If you think your vehicle passed or failed incorrectly it is important to notify the Drivers and Vehicles Standards Agency immediately. You will be required to retest but if you are proven to be correct then your cost will be refunded as soon as possible. Driving under a false certificate is punishable under the law. Always remember that it’s more important to solve the problem now then it is to wait until it gets worse.


Though the MOT is important, there are some vehicles which are exempt from taking the MOT test. These vehicles are tractors, vehicles made before 1960, vehicles less than 3 years old, and goods electric vehicles. Also, it’s important to note that Lorries, buses, and trailers are all subject to test of a different variety. This test happens annually and is the responsibility of the owners to complete.


To ensure that you don’t forget your MOT testing date there are several services which are designed to remind you. These services send you messages via your mobile phone to remind you that your MOT test is due. Likewise there is a renewal date on your MOT test certificate. Failure to renew by the given date will result in penalties. Drivers can renew up to one month before their due date. With all things considered the MOT isn’t too terribly difficult to wrap your head around. Though some people are intimidated by it, there is no reason to fear. The MOT keeps all of us safe and secure in our vehicles and on the road.

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