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Car news | 25.04.2014 - 17:16

Nissan Pathfinder Recall: 3,065 Vehicles affected

Nissan Pathfinder recall affects 3,065 model-year 2013 Pathfinders.
Nissan Pathfinder recall

Nissan Pathfinder recall affects 3,065 model-year 2013 Pathfinders. The affected vehicles are all equipped with the CVT and were manufactured between April 18, 2012 and October 3, 2012.

The problem with the affected vehicles is that inadequate champing force on the hose connected to the internal oil cooler may result in the hose coming loose and eventually leaking fluid. If the fluid leaks severely then the loss of it may result in transmission failure.

Nissan Pathfinder recall is the result of an investigation carried out last September. It was believed then that the recall could involve nearly 110,000 vehicles. Such a huge potential recall ended up with only 3,065 vehicles involved as the manufacturer initiated a service campaign in 2013. The aim of that campaign was to notify the affected owners about the problem and encourage them to take the vehicles to the dealers for repairs.

The remaining vehicles are now included in Nissan Pathfinder recall. The automaker will start informing all affected owners starting next month. All the repairs will be performed free of charge.
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