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Car tips & advice | 24.04.2014 - 22:33

An Insight into MOT Testing

Find out more about the MOT test and what is involved.

MOT stands for “Ministry of Transport test”. MOT testing is car testing that takes place annually. It deals in car safety, its worthiness on the road and over technical aspects of the car. Great Britain started this testing in the 1988. The testing rules do not apply on smaller regions. It includes highways and major roadways. MOT testing is the legal obligation for every good citizen that drives a car on the road. However, all cars that are under three years of age don’t have to have an annual test. Cars that are older than three years should be taken for an MOT Ipswich test. If your car is new, once you have your first test you will then have to go to the test centre every year for an assessment. If your car exceeds the date on your MOT certificate then you will not be able to use the car until you pass a new test. If the car fails a test there is an option to give a re-test. It is recommended to take the car for an MOT test before it is actually due as you gain time on your certificate.


An MOT is a compulsion in order to use your transport freely. MOT test centres are spread throughout the UK. It is very simple for the car owner to book a date for the test at their convenience. There is no hassle during the testing queues as well, everything is nicely planned and organized.


During the MOT test various items of the car are observed and checked. 30a Specialist Car Blog share these below:


· The position of the Vehicle registration number is checked that either it is in the correct place or not. Also the letters and numbers of the plate are rechecked according to the legal requirements.


· The lights are checked. It includes the light in the front, headlamps, and the lights at the back.


· The perfection and accuracy of the steering and suspension systems of the car are checked and made sure they are in a bearable position.


· For ensuring drivers screen clearance, the wipers and the water bucket on the front screen are checked. It is made sure that the drivers view will not be obstructed at any cost.

· The main wind screen is checked to see if there are any cracks present on it. If there are any cracks they might distract driver’s visibility.


· Car horn is checked and made sure it is working.

· All car seat belts are checked if they are able to be used and they have good quality.

· Keeping in mind the security of the passengers the seats are checked both from the front and back.


· Cars fuel system is checked for leakage etc. The fuel gauge is also checked if it’s giving the correct reading.


· The emission level of the car is monitored if it is in correct terms.


· The metallic parts of the cars body are checked to see if there is any corrosion or rusting.


· Sharp edges of the metal body are checked.


· Cars efficiency, performance and fuel ratings are monitored.


· Cars bonnet and trunk are checked for damages.


· Car tires are checked that if they have good grip or not to travel on long routes. The tyres are checked under high pressure and temperature to see if they burst or not.


Getting our car MOT tested is actually in benefit of our car, ourselves and other people on the road. The MOT testing rule helps us to service our vehicles, which sometimes we are unable to due to hectic lives.

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