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Car design | 23.04.2014 - 19:22

The Six Most Exciting New Vehicle Concepts

One day these ultra-advanced vehicles may become a reality. Until then, these concepts can be taken as extreme examples of future automotive trends.


The future of the automotive world appears to be very exciting. Whether you are a sports car fan or an off-road enthusiast, you are destined to find a concept vehicle that piques your interest. Although every prototype will not make it to your local dealership, it is still fun to imagine the possibilities. Here are the six most exciting vehicle concepts released recently:


Toyota FT-1

Toyota has not produced a high-performance sports car in quite a few years. The FT-1 features a radical design and plenty of high-performance goodies. Its retractable rear wing and cutting-edge aerodynamics help to make it a legitimate track machine. Drivers will love the sports car’s innovative heads-up display system.


Volkswagen Beetle Dune

At first glance, the Volkswagen Beetle Dune prototype does not look much different from the current version. Not only does the suspension sit two inches higher, but it is also outfitted with an under-body skid-plate. The Beetle Dune’s aggressive stance makes it a very capable vehicle in a variety of different environments.


Nissan Sport Sedan

Although the Nissan Sport Sedan’s V-6 engine is very familiar, its edgy styling and sporty driving dynamics set it apart from the present day Nissan Maxima. The low roof-line and aggressive front fascia help to give the Sport Sedan a very bold appearance. The Sport Sedan, if released, would easily be one of the quickest family cars on the market.


Cadillac Elmiraj

Resembling a futuristic version of the Cadillac Eldorado, the Cadillac Elmiraj is destined to become one of the most captivating luxury coupes on the planet. Its twin-turbocharged, eight-cylinder engine will give the Elmiraj plenty of punch. Like most Cadillac cars, the spacious interior will be filled with all of the latest high-tech gadgets.


Kia GT-4 Stinger

The GT-4 Stinger could be Kia’s first sports car. A 315-horsepower engine gives the lightweight chassis plenty of motivation. The GT-4’s vertical headlights and large grille opening help the car to exhibit very distinctive styling cues. Automotive experts from a Utah Kia dealer predict that it will be one of the best-handling sports cars in its class.


Acura TLX

There are rumors that the Acura TLX is very close to being produced. Many people are thrilled that the sports sedan will offer a six-speed manual gearbox. Its refined styling and Super Handling All-Wheel Drive system will intrigue a lot of car enthusiasts.


Although the arrival of these remarkable concept vehicles is uncertain, the thought of driving these vehicles is still quite exciting. Perhaps one day these dream machines will become a reality—until then, these concepts can be taken as extreme examples of future automotive trends.



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