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Auto sport | 23.04.2014 - 00:07

Six Essential Upgrades for the Amateur Racer

These six upgrades are necessary for any car you intend on taking to the track.


The average car owner may not need to perform any modifications to their vehicle. On the other hand, an amateur racer will need to make several upgrades to their car. In its stock form, the typical vehicle is not designed to handle the rigors of a race track. Here are six essential upgrades for the amateur racer.


Racing Seat Belt

The factory seat belt is perfectly suitable for everyday driving situations. However, a regular seat belt will not be able to effectively secure the driver during fast maneuvers on the track. Most racing seat belts are designed with either a four-point or five-point harness. In the event of a crash, the racing seat belt will help to prevent injury.


Performance Tires

If a car owner wishes to compete on a race course, upgrading to a set of performance tires is an absolute must. Most factory tires provide insufficient traction. Performance tires offer improved grip and much more stability when traveling at a fast speed. Some amateur racers reserve their performance tires for track-use only.


Sports-Tuned Suspension

Unlike a normal factory suspension system, a sports-tuned suspension setup is engineered to minimize the amount of body roll during cornering. A sports-tuned suspension system also provides the driver with substantially more control over the car. Although the ride may be a tab bit bumpier, the compromise is well worth the improved handling.


Anti-Sway Bar

The primary purpose of an anti-sway bar is to keep the vehicle well-balanced during sharp turns. It also helps to enhance the structural integrity of the vehicle’s suspension system. In order to see a dramatic improvement in the driving dynamics, an anti-sway bar will need to be installed on the front and rear of the car.


High-flow Exhaust System

Most stock exhaust systems are very restrictive. A high-flow exhaust system is engineered to expel the exhaust gases at a much faster rate. This means that the engine will be able to generate even more power.


Racing Wheels

Racing wheels are designed to be as lightweight as possible. This usually equates to a faster and better performing vehicle on the track. Racing wheels also improve the steering response and the amount of road feedback. Installing a set of racing wheels can lower a car’s average lap time by as much as 10 seconds.


Finding car accessories like American racing wheels for sale can be tricky, especially on a budget, but if you're serious about racing, these six upgrades are essential for any car you intend on taking to the track. Not only do they improve the car’s performance, these mods also enhance the driver’s safety and prolong the life of your vehicle.



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