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Car tips & advice | 22.04.2014 - 17:10

A Simple Step By Step of How to Correctly Change a Tire...

Stuck on the side of the road, in the middle of nowhere? If you've got a flat but don't know the proper procedure for changing a tire here is a simple explanation that will help you get back on the road!

When your have a flat tire, it is awfully tempting to call Triple A or your auto insurer and request that someone come out to your location and apply the spare tire for you. But doing so is skirting the problem. Not only will it take an hour or more for the service man to reach you, you'll remain ignorant as to how to change a tire. What if you are stuck on a rural road where you have no cellular phone reception? You won't be able to call Triple A and you'll wish that you knew how to change a tire. Print out the simple tire changing steps outlined below and keep them in your glove compartment for convenient access.


The Tools

Open your trunk and find the spare tire, tire iron and jack beneath the floor. Before jacking the car upwards, you'll have to loosen the nuts that hold the wheel in place. Put the tire iron on each lug nut and press against the end of it with your foot and body weight to loosen them. Make sure you turn them to the left to loosen them.


Raise the Vehicle

Align the jack with the vehicle's frame slot that is closest to the tire that is flat. This is where the top of the jack fits. Then twist the lever to open the jack. This will lift the car into the air. Lift it high enough so that the flat tire can be spun out onto the ground.


Interchange the Flat and Spare

The nuts can be removed by hand since you previously loosened them. Now pull the flat tire off. Align the spare tire with the rim's holes and hand tighten the lug nuts. Once the nuts are as tight as you can get them, lower the vehicle back towards the ground very slowly by twisting the lever.


Diagonal Tightening

Once the car is back onto the ground, tighten the nuts even more with the tire iron. To make sure that it is tightened in an even manner, tighten the nuts in a diagonal fashion. This means you'll tighten the first nut then the one diagonal from it afterward.


Fix The Flat

Go to a tire shop to have your flat tire repaired. Remember to drive slowly, as the spare tire isn't built to withstand high speeds. After you've successfully changed your first flat tire, you'll feel empowered to tackle a similar challenge in the future.


With these tips you can be sure that you are doing the manly thing and changing your own tire either in an emergency situation or because you feel like it. The only problem that arises is if you don't have a spare or another tire to replace the damaged goods. Make sure to stock up on used car parts at www.salvageyardphoenixaz.com so you have the spare parts to toy with your vehicle how you see fit.

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