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Auto sport | 21.04.2014 - 18:32

Livery Auto Lease – Why is it Good for You?

This article written on behalf of TLC Auto Leasing Company who is best Leasing Dealers in NY.

Leasing a car or vehicle for livery business has become extremely popular in recent years. It is so because of convenience, easy payment methods and the ability to start your small business as soon as you get a pass to drive your automobile. Leasing a vehicle for your new business can be very beneficial in many ways. Here are some reasons why you a livery auto lease works in your favor:

1. Affordable Monthly Payments

The best thing about leasing a car, truck or any other vehicle is that you only have to pay a small portion of the car’s total cost each month. This allows you to have a car that you can use to run your business, make profit and only pay a small amount on a monthly basis. This works as a great win-win situation for you and the leasing company.

2.  You Can Skip the Down Payment

Some leasing services require you to pay a month or two’s installments at the time of registration; otherwise known as down payment. However, some companies even allow you to skip the down payment and pay the fixed monthly installments when they’re due.

3. You Can Drive New Cars Every Few Years

Most auto lease tenures last for three to four years. You can lease a new car at the end of the lease period if you don’t want to take complete ownership of the car. This allows you to drive new and different cars every few years. The amount of installments is low, so you get to use new cars at low costs.

4.  Few or No Maintenance Troubles     

Another great advantage of leasing a vehicle is that the lease period is nearly equal to the manufacturer’s warranty. If anything goes wrong, the manufacturer covers it. However, even if it goes beyond the warranty period, the leasing company has the vehicle insured. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about losing your bucks.

5. More Cash at Hand

Since most lease agreements forgo down payments, or require a very small amount of money for down payment, it gives you more cash at hand. You get to save that amount which otherwise would have gone into down payments. The money you save can be used somewhere else for more important things like debt financing, paying tuition fees, saving for retirement, etc.

Many companies provide leasing services for small businesses who want to start earning in no time. A livery lease is essentially beneficial for startups. The drivers can instantly gain access to an automobile and start their business. To make sure you get the best automobiles, choose reputable company that provide best Vehicle Leasing Services and thier vehicles that are insured, in good condition, and give you additional security features too. 

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