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Car tips & advice | 21.04.2014 - 18:13

My Teenager Bought A Motorcycle - How to Keep Them Safe

Younger drivers often need extra help and reminders in being safe with their driving, and this is only compounded when their vehicle is a motorcycle. Here are some tips for keeping teens safe on two wheels.

The words "teenage driver" can induce anxiety in even the calmest of parents. That anxiety level grows significantly when a teenager wants to ride a motorcycle. It's no wonder that the word motorcycle causes many parents to panic; statistics estimate that the risk of having a fatal motorcycle accident is more than 35 times greater than the risk of having a fatal automobile accident. However, there are a number of steps that parents can take to improve the safety of operating a motorcycle.



In an ideal situation, the parent will be involved with the motorcycle purchase. The parent should steer the teenager toward a traditional motorcycle because it is the easiest to ride and maneuver and offers good visibility. Touring bikes are heavier and more powerful and parents should consider their teenager's size and strength before approving the purchase of a bike of this type. Sport bikes are on many teenage motorcyclist's wish lists. These bikes are fast and easy to maneuver. Unfortunately, these bikes may tempt the teenage rider into dangerous behavior. Whichever bike is chosen, the parent should make sure that the bike is the right size for their teenager. The rider should be able to straddle the bike with both feet flat on the ground and should be strong enough to lift and maneuver the bike.


Parents should require that their teenager wear a motorcycle helmet and other safety equipment. Arms and legs should be covered, and the rider should wear sturdy boots or shoes. Bright, colorful clothing and reflective materials can help make the rider more visible to other drivers.



The vast majority of motorcycle riders that have collisions have had no formal motorcycle training. Requiring that a teenage motorcycle rider complete a formal motorcycle safety and instruction course can increase the safety of the rider.


Safe Driving Techniques

Teenage motorcyclists should utilize the same safe driving techniques as automobile drivers. Controlling speed and reducing driving distractions are two of the best ways to improve the rider's safety. Parents should not allow their teenage drivers to carry passengers on the motorcycle until they are more experienced. Carrying a passenger on a motorcycle makes driving the motorcycle more difficult. It increases the weight of the bike and makes it more difficult to maneuver.


Teenage motorcycle riders are at an increased risk of collision. By ensuring that the teenager is properly trained, has the right equipment, and follows a few simple rules, parents can dramatically increase the safety of riding a motorcycle.


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