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Insurance | 21.04.2014 - 11:28

What Are the Advantages of Extended Warranty?

When you buy a car or any electronic you will be provided many options to buy alongside of it.

One such option is of an extended warranty. However, when you consider whether to get this type of warrant for your product you should be aware of the advantages that coincide with such option. It helps to determine if an extended warranty is the right choice for you.


Extended warranties are services offered by automobile companies such as Alfa Romeo warranty, electronic appliance companies at the time of purchasing up to a total of 3 years. Generally, the extended warranty offers for the repair or replacement of products if the product goes out of order and warranty by manufacturer has expired. Generally, the extended warranty plan offers you with extra protection once the warranty by manufacturer has expired. In case you don’t wish to take extended warranty, it can be returned within 15 days of purchase. However, there is pool of benefits offered by extended warranties.


There are many benefits of taking this type of extended warranty.


·         It offers peace of mind to the owner knowing that the extended warranty covers various aspects. Since each warranty differs so there may not be some clauses covered in one but included in other. It is crucial to use the documents to see the points and clauses being added to know what all your extended warranty is covering.  By this you would know the areas being covered which can help you in fixing product under warranty.


·         Extended warranties like Alfa Romeo warranty make sure that your financial investment is secured. Since most of us live on budgets so it is a great idea to put forth the funds when you have them. It helps to prevent us not being short of the funds in the future if the product goes out of order and needs to be fixed.


·         The price of extended warranty is considerable than what is required to pay when your product goes out of order. Hence, by spending a little amount, you can get your product or automobile fixed in the future. You can save big amount from the small repairs or replacement parts.


·         The option of extended warranty is optional and available on most products. Hence, if you’re planning to buy an automobile, kitchen appliance etc. you can reap the benefits of the extended warranties and get rid of spending huge amounts on unnecessary repairs.


·         The extended warranties can be transferred to someone else’s name as well if you sell your automobile or product.


·         The extended warranties have the feature to be renewed or extended even more if the owner wants. It can help in case of cars or any other big purchase.

These are some of the advantages offered by extended warranties. Owners can reap them but are liberal to reject the option, if the clauses don’t suits them. However, in most cases the extended warranties are always helpful.

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