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Car tips & advice | 17.04.2014 - 06:42

5 Car Preservation Techniques for Automobile Enthusiasts

If you are a car enthusiast, there is a good chance that you have more than one car. There is also a high probability that you take very good care of your vehicles.

However, when it comes to classic cars, sport cars and other highly collectible vehicles, you could always be doing more to make sure you protect your collection. There is also a good chance that you not only love the vehicles in your collection - you have probably made a big investment, which means that you need to do everything you can protect your assets. Cars aren't like other collectables, so you often need to go the extra mile. Here are five car preservation techniques for automobile enthusiasts.
1.    Service your vehicles on a regular basis. It is critical that you change the oil and rotate your tires, but you also want to have a full servicing on a monthly basis, especially if you own vintage or classic vehicles. Taking this measure will ensure that your engine is working smoothly and that all gears aren't rusty or corroding. In an older vehicle - if one thing goes wrong, it could spread to other areas of the car.
2.    Keep your car in a garage or carport. It is important that the elements aren't in constant contact with your cars. The sun can be especially damaging, because it can cause wear and tear on the topcoat of the paint. So, you want to make sure that you have some kind of roof that you can place over your vehicles. A garage is ideal, but a makeshift carport will do the trick too. Not only can sun damage your vehicle, but so can rain and other elements.
3.    Drive your vehicles. This may seem like a strange and obvious technique to preserve your vehicle, but it may just be the most important. There is a good chance that you didn't invest in your cars collection just to have sculptures around the house, so you need to make sure that you rev the engines everyday. The best part about collecting vintage vehicles is that you get to drive them around and show them off.
4.    Get your cars detailed. Instead of washing your own vehicles, you want to get them professionally cleaned, detailed and waxed. This will ensure that your vehicles won't wind up with scratches or water damage as a result of an amateur job. One of the most important car cleaning tips is that you should always use a mobile detailing service, like Good Guys Mobile Detail, because they will come you versus you going to them. If you have a fleet of classic cars, you certainly don't want to damage them in a traditional car wash.
5.    Use a cloth car cover. Even in a garage - and especially outside - you want to place a soft cloth cover over your vehicle. You wan to think of your vehicles like works of art. Things like dust - and even rodent droppings - can cause discoloration and erosion. In the end, a cloth cover will ensure your car looks and stays beautiful for a long time to come.


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